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By creo (Fri Oct 31, 2008 at 04:30:30 AM EST) birth, death, circle of life (all tags)
The day my Staffy gave birth to a healthy litter of 5 pups....

a mates wife slowly died from a stroke.

Mrs C and I went to the funeral today. The turnout was huge, probably four hundred or more people. Liz was obviously well loved in the community.

I have not had much to do with funerals, and for all but one they have been for older folk whose time had come. In that situation there is sadness, but acceptance, and in a few cases, relief. The only exception to this oldy funeral thing was a mate who was killed on his bike at 18 - but that was OK, he fucked up and paid the price. If you ride you understand what I'm saying.

She was different. Mother, wife, teacher - she was only 43. Accidents and terminal illness you can deal with, but a stroke? It just drives home that once you crack the 40, you cannot take anything for granted.

Farewell for now - I'll keep an eye on him and help him through this.

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