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I want a refund.  They clearly said that there was going to be snow showers today.  Sure it might rain in the morning they said, but by noon it'd be all snow.  Well fuck, all I got was rain rain ooo a snowflake, rain.  And lots of wind.  Apparently in Tobyhana they got a foot.  Then again that is in the mountains.

So a pattern starts to emerge with $movie_chick.  I log onto AIM.  40 minutes or so passes, she sits idle.  Then she IMs me.  We chat about whatever, for perhaps 10 minutes.  Then she's idle for 20 more minutes.  Then she'll pop on and say she's getting her daughter ready for bed.

Tonight I watched It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.  I like to say that I watch it now because it reminds me of my youth when we'd watch that and whatever else was on that night ( they had a whole night of holiday themed cartoons it seemed ).  But I was thinking tonight that perhaps we didn't actually watch Charlie Brown when i was a youth, I think this only because if ABC always aired the specials, watching them would have been impossible, as my town didn't have an OTA ABC affiliate until the 90s.  And we didn't have cable until 1998.  So either it was on CBS, or my memory is all messed up.

Growing up with just two channels, fuzzy over the air channels, sucked.  Sometimes we could pick up KDKA and WTAE in Pittsburgh, but that was when we had the huge antenna on a huge ass pole.  I never saw any of the shows that were on ABC in the 80s.  It's kinda funny, that once the analog signal goes off in February, my parents wouldn't be able to get the OTA channels unless they hooked up the huge ass antenna on the huge ass pole, with the channel master rotator.  They got a convertor box a few months ago and I tried it out.  Nothing.  Even with the outdoor, yet smaller antenna.  It's odd, we've come so far yet gone so far back.  Lucky for them DISH carries the locals, but man, OTA in the valley is pretty much dead.

Downloaded the free Crossover Pro today.  Tried to install Diablo II.  I needed to install DX.  That didn't work.  Oh well.  I only got the crossover to see if it works with MS Money.  I can't find my Money Install CD though so that could be a waste of a download.

Starting to have too much planned for Friday.  Today I was thinking perhaps I could treat myself to a bottle of Knob Creek.  Cooking the Perdue chicken might be put off til Saturday as I think I want to go out for lunch on Friday, watch Zach and Miri Make a Porno after lunch ( matinee woo!) and then Chinese for supper.  The Chinese and chicken really are not birthday things, just two things that happen to intersect on Friday.  Lunch and the movie are birthday related.

And of course Saturday is NaNoWriMo!  A weekend start and a weekend finish.  Bonus.  I have a name for one of my characters, yet no plot, yet.  I'll be using TwiddlyWiki again this year, that way I can write at lunch at work, and carry the USB drive with me.  Google Docs I guess is doable too.

The dead State Senator's committee sent out a flyer today BEGGING me to vote for him so that they can hold a free and fair election in January.  Which is assumes that he was going to win hands down this fall.  I even read a blog that stated that because of the way the system is set up, voting for the dead guy is not enough, one has to also vote for McCain and Palin.  This is because the blogger wants the delegate for the special election to be from HIS county and not from MY county, because 60% of the district was in Schuylkill County and not Carbon.  The rules say that the part of the district with the biggest piece of the Republican pie get to pick the delegate.  So please, he said vote for the dead guy AND McCain/Palin.  Weird ass rules.

Did you know that Obama's real name is Barry Sotero and that he refuses to provide a vault copy of his birth certificate, and the one he does show us is photoshopped?  I don't get the Sotero part of the story.  Wasn't his father Kenyan anyway?  So why change the last name?  Is that somehow proof that he's what, Indonesia?  But hey next week this Berg fellow is going straight to the Supreme Court and the race is over!  If Obama is elected, and then found ineligible, wouldn't Biden become President anyway?

Oh and I'm seeing that 2012 is gonna be Palin's year, even if McCain wins.  God.  If that's the best the Republicans can field in 2012, gah I don't even wanna think about it.

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