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By ana (Sat Oct 18, 2008 at 02:35:16 PM EST) my day (all tags)
Nice day.

Today, we did nothing.

Well, not exactly nothing, but pretty nearly.

We finally struggled out of bed at the crack of ten (or was it 11), and embarked on the weekly round of errands. This week with a bit of a difference, as the city was having a hazardous waste collection day. For a nominal fee (in our case, eight bucks) one could get rid of partial cans of paint, pesticides, fertilizers, and other such stuff we have no intention of ever using. Thence downtown (pharmacy, hardware store), with an impulse buy of a brush with a flexible but not compressible wire handle about 10' long, for cleaning out dryer vent tubing. And some dust masks and some more wall paper stripper stuff.

Thence to the liquor store. We've developed a taste for Yarden wines, especially their white blend. This is a winery on the Golan Heights. Their computer told them there were six bottles on the premises, but there were none on the top of the wine case where it usually sits. Well, sometimes sits. So the two of us, and both of the clerks, searched the store, and finally found two bottles in a cardboard case sitting on the floor, with a number of other wines. It seems there isn't any standard place on the shelves for it.

Thence to Whole Foods for the weekly grocery shopping binge. Here the impulse buys were a vegetable peeler and a small block of Gouda they were giving samples of. Tasty stuff.

And home again. Lunch, as often of a Saturday, was eggs, bacon, and hash browned potatoes. Nap. A trip out to get gas ($2.879 the usian gallon, lowest I've seen in like a year) and a car wash. It was fun having Rusti along on that trip. Toxicfur was mowing the lawn, so one less dog underfoot was good for her. Rusti likes car rides, and she barked at the brushes as we went through the car wash. She likes to stand on her hind legs on the edge of the passenger seat, front paws on the dashboard, and head nearly against the glass of the windshield, watching the world go by.

Home again. With some help from my friends (thanks, lm) I was able to replace the missing oatmeal cookie recipe (the one under the lid of the Quaker Oats box is called "vanishing oatmeal cookies", for those interested in googling it), in which I replaced cinnamon with nutmeg, to good effect. By this time toxicfur was scraping wallpaper in the front hall. We're hoping to patch the plaster, sand, and paint it sometime soon-ish. Home improvement, one little project at a time.

We've settled on winners for the Three Cheers and a Tiger contest over at, which feels like an accomplishment. Now I can read the regular submissions.

And I should write up some critiques for my novel-writing workshop. There are 11 students, and so the next 5 or so weeks will be occupied by critiquing two students' work each week. I drew one of the straws, so handed out my synopsis and first couple chapters last week, to be critiqued this Tuesday. I'm thinking, if everybody else is willing, that I might use the little recorder addition to my ipod to record the conversation so I don't have to take such good notes in real time.

Last night we went out with a bunch of folks from toxicfur's office. Nice people. It was lots of fun, and the one kid in residence (is she 2? I forget) amused everybody and was very well behaved, especially since it was way past her bedtime. Today toxicfur remarked that she seems to have developed a network of friends here that are mostly independent of my friends. They're the same people in some cases, and not, in others. But it helps a person feel at home, having one's own friends around.

Fall is here; they're guessing we might have frost either tonight or tomorrow night. So we brought in the rest of the tomatoes that look like they have a fighting chance to get ripe. The asters are starting to bloom. They start in October every year, and continue to the first hard freeze. Some years, it's touch and go as to whether they'll bloom before the freeze and the snow. This year, it's been a very gradual fall. I like seasons.

And there's yet one more Boston Red Sox game this season. I went to bed in the 7th inning Thursday night, when they were down 7-0 and 3 games to 1, but they pulled out 8 runs in the last 3 innings. So the series now stands at 3-2, and Boston still has to win all the rest of the games. It's happened before, comma, but.

I dunno if I'll try writing a nano this year or not. I'm still very much in the middle of revising last year's. But I sat down Thursday night and read through the few more scenes from the saga I wrote for a nano in '05 and '06. Dunno if I'll ever get that to be a novel or not.
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WIPO by toxicfur (2.00 / 0) #1 Sat Oct 18, 2008 at 05:07:25 PM EST

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2.87 by dev trash (2.00 / 0) #2 Sat Oct 18, 2008 at 06:30:14 PM EST
I paid 2.87 today, which means i t must be heading down again.

We paid 2.72 on Rt 1 (Saugus?) by Lady Jane (2.00 / 0) #3 Sat Oct 18, 2008 at 06:57:18 PM EST
on the way home from the airport at some unkind hour this morning (I'm thinking 1:30?).  I was coming home from a business trip in Aspen where I filled up the rental at 4.59!

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