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By BelatuCadros (Thu Aug 30, 2007 at 05:18:11 AM EST) work, vancouver, moving (all tags)
I have have five days left at work. Not that I'm keeping track or anything.

Other stuff inside.

I got back from Vancouver on last Tuesday. The trip there was crap. My original flight was canceled. I was put on standby for the next two flights. When I finally got onto a flight it was delayed 2 hours on the runway in Chicago because of weather. I finally took off around 7pm Chicago time.

My hotel was no better. I had asked for a quiet room. I was put in the room right above the bar. I asked for another room, there were none for me. There were rooms available for the hookers, but none for me. I left that hotel and checked into a Hilton. Since Travelocity had me prepay, right now I am arguing with the first hotel and Travelocity to get my money back. The hotel says I checked in at 8:30 Pacific, which I find pretty hard since I was still on my flight...

The good news is I found a place to rent. It's in Kitsilano. It's two bedrooms in one of the older houses that have been refurbished and split up into apartments. I'm two blocks from the beach and withing stumbling distance of a few good pubs. I don't have laundry or a place to work on my car. It's more then I wanted to spend but less than I had budgeted.

Things are falling in place for my drive back. The dates for packing and loading have been set with the moving company. So has the date for leaving the Chicagoland area. Hotels to Saskatoon have already been booked (and not through Travelocity!). Now to create the iPod playlists.

My unhealthy discovery of the week

  • Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia Ice cream (or frozen yogurt)
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Splash of Maker's Mark bourbon.
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