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GodDAMN I hate being sick.

Since I've spent most of my time watching the DVDs this week, there's a Scrubs poll.
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All week long, too. What's worse is having to go to a fucking different doctor who I haven't given The Speech to, in which I ess-plain a few things, among them that I'm not a druggie (and don't have time to be one) and that I don't abuse codeine since it's one of the very few meds that works for me. I was too tired and out of it to even try, and it was nearly lunchtime; she wasn't listening to me prattle on when it was about that time to get the last mook out (me) so she could go eat.

Bitch wouldn't give me what I asked for and instead handed me something I'd never had or even heard of. It's new. And expensive. It's called "Arcoxia" and I'm a fuckwit for taking the damned sample tablets she handed me before looking the shit up.

Two hours after I got home I was already feeling "wrong". I did a quick search and fuck me, it was too late to make myself vomit.

Doctors: Arthritis drug Arcoxia risky
Son of Vioxx

That's right, despite the current US regime where certification of fucking dirt tablets as an acne remedy would cost less than a million in bribes, the FDA's balking on this shit.

There was no pain relief whatsoever, and within another two hours my pulse was rising and my blood pressure had rocketed. I could barely function, and due to family medical history this was even more troubling. My BP stayed high for the next 14 hours; I was only able to get to sleep around 5a.m.

After a day and half of high-BP hell I'm getting better, though my stomach is still in pain and I'm coughing continuously. At least I'm able to concentrate a bit again rather than staring at the TV like an idiot, unable to follow the simplest of storylines and falling asleep every couple hours.

An idiot TAR is calling me at home despite German labour laws which are very clear on the subject of working when written off sick being illegal. It's about the Never-Ending Story: $TouchyInsuranceCo and the fuckwits who work for them. I'll deal with it Monday. Or Tuesday. They'll never notice. If the woman I have to deal with was a hooker she'd try to shove her customer's cocks into her left shoe after rubbing them with 40-grit sandpaper, then ask three times who's supposed to pay whom.

Next entry will be a follow-up on last Thursday's fuckwit funfest.

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Also, water is wet and fire is hot.

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