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By ana (Sun Jun 24, 2007 at 06:50:11 AM EST) CMFC, MFC, music, results (all tags)
Click. Read. Listen. Enjoy.

So, looks like clock's conservatory edumication was good for something after all.

Seriously, there's a remarkable pile of talent among the users of this site; I'm most impressed. I had ideas for several other submissions that I didn't have time to get around to working on (the real-life thing).

Hope it was as much fun for you as for me.

Oh, and now I think it's safe to tell you that Sardine is in fact Herring. He'd been sharing around a draft of what he was working on, and then, what with injuring his knee and other real-life stuff, didn't submit by the deadline. So komet and I submitted what we had from him, pseudonymously. We're looking forward to hearing more sweet cello music.

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