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By R343L (Thu Feb 15, 2007 at 10:56:20 PM EST) workworkworkworkwork, art, wtf (all tags)
So, yeah. work. stuff. work. stuff.

Things being done at this time:
  • working a lot
  • going to art class twice a week (which sucks up 2.5 hours each time just for class)
  • trying to read stuff
  • trying to sometimes pay attention to my family
  • trying to study arabic (not as much as I would like)
  • trying to have a social life (hahahahaha)
  • trying not to be depressed about stuff I haven't  really worked out
On the bright side, having ubuntu running on my laptop (and it being 64 bit) means I can work on a dual core machine all to myself, instead of sharing one two processor machine with four other developers. This means I can do my work more efficiently, so I get more done. Hmmm. WTF am I thinking?

Also, just finished up a large bit of work which hopefully won't break our nightly regression. Statistics: 12 tests implemented, 2 bugs fixed, 2 bugs filed. Bad news though: I filed the bugs just for tracking purposes .. I'm probably going to be fixing them.

Have a diary on genocide percolating (been reading  a lot about it), but god, not right now or I'll kill myself. Also, have to write up something about Corporate Warriors but also, not right now.

In other news, we are moving to the peninsula so I don't have to drive 1 hour one way to work 2-3 times a week. Probably will happen next month sometime. Bad news is that I will thus have to go into the office everyday. Good news is I'll walk to/from caltrain so I will get exercise. I need exercise.

I need to find more social activities, but it's really hard. Art class has no one in it I really want to socialize with. Don't know that I can add more activities in hopes of meeting more people.  Well, I might try taking some arabic as that doesn't precisely add activities so much as change how they are done.

Also, have not played my wii in a month. This is sad. But really, it takes energy to play it .. and reading and drinking beer is so much easier.

Three day weekend. Wasn't sure we got Monday off but we do. Woohooo.

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I bought an exercise ball today by debacle (2.00 / 0) #1 Sun Feb 18, 2007 at 08:33:38 PM EST
To strengthen my core abdominal muscles to prevent future complications caused by long-term back pain.

Meetiing people is a pain in the ass. Your best bet is to force your partner to meet people, and then you can pick and choose which ones you like


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