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This has not been the best-run WFC, and for that apologise; midterms and my own suckitude have contributed to my neglect to post the appropriate diaries in a timely fashion, and I owe all the loyal WFC-ites an apology.

Nevertheless, we have a clear (as theantix would say) weiner. Results inside.

Con Queso has beat out its closest competitor, The Snow Cake, making 256 the winner (tix, that means weiner, or perhaps wiiner) and the host, in a couple ways, of the next WFC.

Bo wins the parallel cover competition with the artful garlic.

And these are the real author names, for those too lazy to click over to the upload site and have a look.

  • Herring: FIRST POST!!
  • anonymous: Nine Panels
  • Kellnerin: Desired
  • fleece: The Review
  • Scrymarch: Fusion
  • aethucyn: What Do You Want?
  • ana: Almond Torte
  • toxicfur: Dream Logic
  • 2 plus 3 equals 5: Knock Knock
  • aethucyn:T aste Test
  • 256: Con Queso
  • CRwM: The Snow Cake
  • Pasofol: Sushi Time
  • we_are_all_goat: The Leaving Agent
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