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By Linus Trollvalds (Tue Nov 20, 2007 at 05:52:58 PM EST) Miro, Internet TV, Tivo, Video, BitTorrent, TV Shows, Videos, Open Source, Free (all tags)
The Internet is full of videos to download and watch for free. Internet TV programs are becoming very popular, but most are closed source and only available for Windows. Enter Miro which is open sourced, available for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux, and can use RSS feeds to download videos from popular free video channels so you can watch them later. It also uses BitTorrent and other popular download methods.

It also will play almost any video file format. It will scan your hard drive to find videos and allow you to play them when you want to play them.

When you add in a channel it is a RSS feed to a web site and it automatically downloads videos while it runs, and saves them for you to play back or delete if you so choose.

It is kind of like having a Tivo for your Computer.

You'll most likely want to get a HDTV set with a VGA input and set your computer up to play video on it, but your standard SVGA Monitor will work fine as it has better resolution than those old NTSC/PAL Analog TV sets anyway. Some videos are already in HDTV format, giving you better video and better audio than your standard video.

It can also save Youtube videos, so if Comcast or some other company in league with the MPAA or RIAA gets the Youtube video pulled, if it was on your RSS feed, chances are Miro already downloaded it before it was pulled and you can view it on your hard drive.

I admit I tried Joost and I got quite upset that Joost's channel guide would lock up my Joost session and not allow me to add in more channels or change settings for what I wanted to see. Of course Joost is closed source and in beta testing, so maybe they will fix it later. Joost does have an OSX client, but no Linux client yet. Not only that but Joost is seen as Spyware by PC-Tools Spyware Doctor, part of the Google Pack which every Windows user should have used by now. In order for me to use Joost I have to shutdown the PC-Tools Spyware Doctor program.

Of course if you publish your own videos, Miro has a tool that you can use to get your videos on Miro and publish your own RSS feed for them.

I hear that Miro can even tune into your iTunes channel and your favorite BitTorrent TV Show RSS feed and download the videos you subscribe to for you.

I predict that Miro will do for Internet TV what Mozilla Firefox did for Internet Web Browsers.

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Tape It Off The Internet allows you to share your TV Shows and Movies with others and see their TV Shows and Movies. Yet another free service that supports Open Source Software for free. Should work great in Firefox and Safari.

Introducing Miro, the open source video downloader/manager program | 1 comment (1 topical, 0 hidden)