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By Troll Hard (Thu Oct 04, 2007 at 02:10:44 PM EST) Password, crackers, reset, hacking, spoofing, locked out (all tags)
and they tried this account as well as my original one. Good thing the new password request for Troll Hard goes to my email and gives me the IP they requested a password from.

It looks like I pissed someone off who uses the IP because they are trying to log in as me using my account names.

I think it is a proxy or Tor address, so I cannot be sure who it is. All I know is that it is not my IP that is doing the password attempts and reset password attempts.

I had forgotten the password to my original account here, but someone keeps resetting the password, and every time I try a password, they reset it to a new one. Looks like every 120 minutes or something. Unless someone is spoofing email from Husi to my original account?

Anyway I guess I shall be known as Troll Hard here, because I cannot log into my original account.

Live free, or troll hard!

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