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By ana (Tue Aug 29, 2006 at 03:49:28 PM EST) oh bugrit, teh dawg, pets (all tags)
An update.

As toxicfur reported, there's a dog waiting in the wings with our names on it. Or, rather, well, hence the "oh bugrit" tag; I can't dig myself out of that beginning.


Turns out we are in fact getting the dog, Rocky. I'll spare you the rerun of the details; he needs a home, we can provide one. After going to see him at his present home on Sunday we looked at each other and said "what a great dog."

His current family feel they can't keep him, and they (and perhaps as importantly, their kids) seem to like us. Rocky came right over and put his head in my lap. It'll be a bit stressful for everybody involved, I'm sure, but we'll adjust, and we can, in fact, give him a good home.


I'm excited and a bit in dread (Does dreadful mean that? Why not?). We'd sort of thought maybe we'd get a kitten, but this is a 70-pound full grown hunting dog, not 10 ounces of fluff (with, to be sure, claws and teeth).

Who, we're told, does his business at home. Unlike Teh Dawg, who had a favorite house 3 blocks over in front of which she liked to poop.

I guess this breaks the paradigm of pet names with 5 letters starting with S. Unless we rename him Socky.

Um, no.

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congrats! by clock (4.00 / 3) #1 Tue Aug 29, 2006 at 04:25:56 PM EST
adopting, or being adopted by, a big puppy rules!

good luck!  and love that dog for all it's worth.

what flavor is it?

I agree with clock entirely --Kellnerin

It's by ad hoc (4.00 / 3) #3 Tue Aug 29, 2006 at 05:24:42 PM EST
that is one lucky dog! by StackyMcRacky (4.00 / 3) #2 Tue Aug 29, 2006 at 04:43:24 PM EST

Don't forget to warm up the camera batteries by MohammedNiyalSayeed (4.00 / 3) #4 Tue Aug 29, 2006 at 08:03:02 PM EST

You know it's the right thing to do.

You can build the most elegant fountain in the world, but eventually a winged rat will be using it as a drinking bowl.
Yes! Yes! by greyrat (4.00 / 1) #8 Wed Aug 30, 2006 at 04:29:38 AM EST
plspstpixkthx -- strange as that may seem coming from me in this context...

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70-pound full grown hunting dog by wiredog (4.00 / 1) #5 Wed Aug 30, 2006 at 02:42:25 AM EST
So now you and tf are going to have to take up hunting. Have fun stumbling through the swamps after geese!

Earth First!
(We can strip mine the rest later.)

I hated big dogs by kwsNI (4.00 / 2) #6 Wed Aug 30, 2006 at 03:30:42 AM EST
Always grew up with small dogs, never thought I'd want a big dog.  Then we adopted 2 greyhounds and I absolutely love larger breeds now. 

Enjoy the new baby and quit worrying.  As much as they sometimes make life harder, there's nothing like the unconditional love you'll get in return. 

Socky! by Kellnerin (4.00 / 3) #7 Wed Aug 30, 2006 at 04:03:15 AM EST
You know, I did have the thought that if New Dawg's name began with S, you'd know it was meant to be. But I concur with Stacky -- that's a lucky dog, no matter what his name is.

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what a beauty by iGrrrl (4.00 / 2) #9 Wed Aug 30, 2006 at 06:02:48 AM EST
What a lucky dog.  You will be great with him.

"Beautiful wine, talking of scattered everythings"
(and thanks to Scrymarch)

Socky would be great by sasquatchan (3.00 / 1) #10 Wed Aug 30, 2006 at 06:09:37 AM EST
I mean, he has a great role model

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