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By bob6 (Mon Jul 03, 2006 at 10:49:16 AM EST) football, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, France (all tags)
... and I mean the continent...

Germany vs Agentina
Brazil vs France

Germany vs Argentina

Outcome: 1-1 after additional time, Germany wins on penalty kicks
Overall appreciation: yuck!

It hurts to say but Argentina was the most skilled team of the game: Germans play in a very dull way, yet solid. The game was totally boring until Argentinians open the score at the beginning of the second half. Then it became interesting because Germans were very willing to equalize, and they did eventually. The Argentina coach made a terrible mistake after the goal: the choosen strategy was to defend and win time. Winning time is bad because when the other team equalizes, then you don't have much time left to score again...
Not only Germans scored but they kaputed the Argentinian keeper, thus ensuring a solid advantage for penalty kicks.

Lehmann (German keeper) stopped two penalties: congratulations. But kudos to Ricardo who stopped three!!!
Before going to the keepers hell, Kahn said something in the ears of Lehmann. My friend told he was encouraging him or giving some kind of advice. I thought to myself, what kind of tricks do keepers have in these moments. I couldn't think of any until the last Argentinian shoots (and misses).
When the player was preparing himself to shoot, Lehaman starts to skip on place and hops one meter on his right (on the shooter's left) and jumps back to the classical position. This was discrete but it left for half a second the picture of one side of the goal larger than the other. Then the shooter kicks on his right... I think the player's reflex was to put the ball where he had the impression the keeper wasn'.
Maybe I'm reading too much and he was simply lucky.

Judging was excellent, it was an Italian and I hope he does the finals (which means I hope Italia looses).

Brazil vs France

Outcome: France wins 1-0
Overall appreciation: wooosh!

Biggest. Disappointment. Ever. Brazil have the best players in the world, ever. But where's the team? Interestingly enough they were playing a bit better with the youngsters (Robinho, Cicinho, etc.): a lesson for the future coaches. Les Bleus have made an excellent game, Zidane and the defensive line were tripping on something... Endorphins?
I called family in Rio and they were really sad. The general feeling is that France deserved this victory. They were mad at Brazilian players and at Parreira (coach). This is why I like Brazilian supporters: they don't blme judging and they don't start to "hate" the opposing nation.

Now the French are favourites for the semis (vs Portugal). A position they dislike, they'd rather be the underdog, but that's over now... I think they can do Portugal since they gave a lot (energy and cards) against the Dutch and the English. However let's be prudent because they have very good elements, they are very motivated and they have the best possible coach (Scolari).

Judging was average.

Now, every huser chant with me:
Allez les Bleus!
Allez les Bleus!
Allez les Bleus!
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I was so pleased when Brazil went out by nebbish (4.00 / 2) #1 Tue Jul 04, 2006 at 01:03:24 AM EST
Have you ever seen a bigger bunch of lazy, smug bastards as the present Brazil squad? Took them down a peg or too.

Shame about Argentina though, I really wanted them to win. The crap haircuts, the solemn faces while executing genius passes, Riquelme's sad eyes - that's football with style.

It's political correctness gone mad!

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