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By ad hoc (Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 10:01:07 AM EST) bikes, birthdays, movies, books, phones (all tags)
Label on the cover of "Moist Towellette" brand moist towellets from Sanfacon of St. Romuald, PQ, Canada G6W 5M6:

"Cleans and refreshes without soap or water."

Contains: water, soap.

Topic: Get off my lawn. Yes, so, well, the odometer of my life tripped over another number yesterday. Yay me. Pouring down rain the whole weekend, and barely left the house. Feh. Can't I even get a bike ride on my birthday?!?!? I'm moving to Seattle where it doesn't rain so much. I did mount the new cassette to the new wheel, but that's as far as I got. I need to spread out a bit for the rest which means outside. I don't want to get grease, dirt, sand, &c on the rug. I've go to mount new brakes and swap the tires and I think I'll be ready for the ride in July. Oh, I need to mount the new cleats, too. I suppose I could have done that.

Was going to go out Saturday night, but couldn't make myself do it. Ditto Sunday. But a friend came over and brought a Cookie Puss®. I'd never had one. It was good.

I'm really digging this new SomaFM station. All the hep cats are listenin. Bop!

As I said, it rained all weekend. And you know what that means... my phone is acting up again. I called and got the "inside line maintenance" plan added on Friday, but there's a five-day waiting period before it goes into effect. The line seems to have firmed up a bit in the last hour or so, so here's hoping it will continue to work.

Oops, nope... it's out again. I see a Verizon truck out front, though. Maybe he's playing with wires down on the corner.

Book: Agatha Christie: The Woman and Her Mysteries by Gillian Gill

[amazon] [MBLN]

(The page is wrong, the author is "Gillian Gill".)

This is an examination of Christie that tries to reach some conclusions based on what she puts in her writings. There are some terribly long winded passages deconstructing some of her novels which really should either be shortened up or reworked in some way. I’ve read less than 25% of Christies works, and even though I’ve read a fair few of what Gill deconstructs, it’s was still pretty tough slogging.

That said, there is some good material here, mostly having to do with Christie being a "modern woman" interested in equality and having a career of her own. This isn’t really surprising to anyone who’s read her stuff. But I’m not sure that you can infer her character from her novels, especially considering she’s had over 80 volumes published. A great deal of time is spent analyzing the Westmacott novels, especially Unfinished Portrait which was supposed to be semi-autobiographical.

The obligatory chronology of her life is presented, then analyzed by what she was writing at the time. Even so, there is no new revelation regarding her 1926 disappearance and claimed amnesia. The presentation is academic in style, and not a particularly easy or fun read. Informative in several ways, but I don’t think I know Agatha Christie any better than before.

Film: Witness for the Prosecution

[netflix] [IMDb]

Leonard Vole (Tyrone Power) is charged with murder and hires Sir Wilfrid Robarts (Charles Laughton) to defined him. As with most Agatha Christie stories, the time of death is one of the most important clues. Vole’s only alibi is his wife, Christine (Marlene Dietrich) who suddenly appears as a witness for the prosecution swearing he came home 30 minutes later than he claims.

Why does she do it knowing he will likely be convicted as a result? Or will he?
This has a very good double double cross ending, one of which I saw coming, the other I didn’t.

Power and Dietrich were very good, indeed. Laughton was overacting, and  Else Lanchester was sort of okay. Still, it’s a very good story (as most Christie stories are) and well worth watching.

; would watch again.

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These pussy crumbs are making me itch by georgeha (4.00 / 1) #1 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 10:07:51 AM EST
before the Beasties became the most famous Jewish rap stars ever, they had a little punkish hit named "Cookie puss". I heard it in the mid 80's, thought it was a hoot, and didn't realize until years later it was the Beasties. It's probably on your favorite P2P network.

Happy bday, maybe you can retire to an old folks community in Arizona where it enver rains. Might be too hot to ride, though.

Do they show Matlock there? by ad hoc (2.00 / 0) #2 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 10:19:06 AM EST
Cookie Puss by jimgon (4.00 / 1) #3 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 10:19:31 AM EST
I'm so jealous.  I always wanted a Cookie Puss birthday cake. 

Technician - "We can't even get decent physical health care. Mental health is like witchcraft here."
Fudgie the Whale! by blixco (4.00 / 2) #4 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 10:24:59 AM EST
And Lighty the Lightbulb!  All the same damn template.  That Carvel is a genius.
Taken out of context I must seem so strange - Ani DiFranco
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I just love that 6 pack a day voice by ad hoc (4.00 / 1) #6 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 10:27:40 AM EST
Fudgie the whale was our bribe price by georgeha (4.00 / 2) #7 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 10:29:47 AM EST
when someone wanted to join our hotline group. We read the handwriting on the walls (moving from in house made washing machine sized computer to off the shelf Sun Ultra II) and were arrogant about it.

We still had people afraid of Solaris.

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Don't forget... by reza (4.00 / 2) #9 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 10:31:46 AM EST
Santa Claus!
It looks like he's on the same template too.


" Be who you are and say how you feel, because those who mind do not matter, and those who matter do not mind!" Dr. Seuss

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As well as by ad hoc (4.00 / 1) #10 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 10:36:17 AM EST
There's still time by ad hoc (4.00 / 1) #8 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 10:30:24 AM EST
Mr. Carvel may be dead, but the cakes live on.
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I try not to eat ... by Kellnerin (4.00 / 2) #15 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 11:53:44 AM EST
He's an alien by ad hoc (4.00 / 1) #16 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 12:35:13 PM EST
The nose by jimgon (4.00 / 2) #24 Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 02:47:47 AM EST
I find the nose disturbing.  For some reason it reminds me of Tip O'Neil.

Technician - "We can't even get decent physical health care. Mental health is like witchcraft here."
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oh, great by Kellnerin (4.00 / 2) #25 Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 03:36:55 AM EST
Now I'll never get that image out of my head.

"later" meant either "when you walk around the corner" or "oatmeal."
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Only because it's red by ad hoc (4.00 / 1) #26 Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 04:04:04 AM EST
Happy birthday! by ana (4.00 / 2) #5 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 10:25:48 AM EST
And ensuing year.

Can you introspect out loud? --CRwM

Happy Birthday by cam (4.00 / 1) #11 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 10:53:04 AM EST

Freedom, liberty, equity and an Australian Republic

Belated B-day wishes... by miker2 (4.00 / 1) #12 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 11:03:21 AM EST
I also mounted cassettes yesterday after degreasing them.  Moved the 12x25 from my training wheel to my race wheel and moved the 12x23 from the box to the training wheel.  Also completely cleaned my tri bike, dumping about 1.5 cups of water from the frame in the process.  I really need to take a drill bit to the bottom bracket housing.

My road bike is very jealous being that it has crud all over it.

The rain is completely unmotivating me to do anything.  I'd planned on 110 miles this weekend only to get rained out both days

Paging joh3n... by ad hoc (4.00 / 1) #17 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 12:35:50 PM EST
Happy birthday! by spacejack (4.00 / 1) #13 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 11:15:13 AM EST
You should've come to visit Toronto for the weekend. No rain and a big parade.

It's on my list by ad hoc (2.00 / 0) #18 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 12:36:09 PM EST
congratulations on by alprazolam (4.00 / 1) #14 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 11:45:28 AM EST
getting older without dying. an accomplishment to be proud of.

does going into your garage count as "outside"? that's as far as i got this weeknd, for a little rope jumping. too much soccer on the rest of the time.

Ah, if I only had a garage by ad hoc (2.00 / 0) #19 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 12:36:41 PM EST
you would what? by alprazolam (4.00 / 1) #20 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 12:49:29 PM EST
what do you need a garage for, biker boi?

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The only place I have right now by ad hoc (2.00 / 0) #22 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 03:12:07 PM EST
is the sidewalk. Kind of inconvenient when you've forgotten something and have to run back inside hoping the neighborhood dregs don't run off with your stuff while you're doing it.

It would be nice to store the bikes somewhere other than the living room, too.
Close friendships and a private room can offer most of the things love does.

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happy b-day <nt> by yankeehack (4.00 / 1) #21 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 12:58:27 PM EST

"...she dares to indulge in the secret sport. You can't be a MILF with the F, at least in part because the M is predicated upon it."-CBB
Thx by ad hoc (2.00 / 0) #23 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 03:12:22 PM EST
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