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By bob6 (Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 08:06:41 AM EST) football, Brazil, Japan, France, Togo, England, Equador, Mexico, Portugal, Nederlands (all tags)
Brazil vs Japan
France vs Togo
Mexico vs Ar*******
England vs Equador
Portugal vs Oranje

If you're sick of earing and reading about the world cup, you should not read this.

Brazil vs Japan

Outcome: Brazil wins 4-1.
Overall appreciation: Brazil's heating, baby.

Due to a transportation system jam I arrived at television-place at the end of the first period. My friend announced: "are you ready for the shock?". Japan was leading 1-0. I saw the replay: there wasn't any mistake from the part of the defense system neither from Dida: a beautiful goal, fair and square. My friends were mocking me... for 10 minutes, I hope they enjoyed because the rest of the game was a demonstration of futebol. 4 goals in a row, every one was a jewel.

At the end, Parreira (Brazil's trainer) changed the players since it was an unique occasion to make everyone play. He even changed the keeper. I thought it was a good move: pleases the reserve and rests the big guns.

Judging was good.

France vs Togo

Outcome: France wins 2-0
General appreciation: good job, boys! Proceed!

French players are imo physically unfit imo since they can't display a good game for more than 70mns. However the first half was quite pleasant and the goals were above average. Two so-they-say excellent elements were suspended: Zidane and Abidal. Why did they keep Zizou again? Also Henry was in a better position (not alone in the prow, for once) and it paid very well.

Next game's against Spain, it will be harder. The Spanish papers have been hostile ("Zidane's jubilee") but I think it's good for les Bleus: they'll be more aggressive.

Judging was below average

Mexico vs Argen

Outcome: Argentina wins 2-1 with additional time.
Overall appreciation: very good game, Argentina still lucky cheaters

Argentina won but they played only a bit better than Aztecs. In fact I think the difference was in physical training. Kudos for the Mexicans fighting spirit until the additional time since when they were clearly exhausted.
I wasn't impressed with Argentina at all (how could they possibly), I think they will pay for having to play additional time at he eights. I hope Germany will swat them.

Judging was lousy: 1) Heinz should have had a red and 2) players from both camps were playacting. The judge lacked authority: the walls were too near and wasn't very firm in the card dealing.

England vs Equador

Outcome: Bekham wins 1-0
Overall appreciation: a boring game.

I'll take my chances here: is that the style that you Brits like? Because I hated it. It was downpaced and boring and approximative. Rooney's a great element, though. I was disappointed because I wanted to see Crouch but I guess it was pointless to make him play after Becks brilliant goal.

Judging was below average.

Portugal vs Nederlands

Outcome: Portugal, ahem, wins 1-0
Overall appreciation: a great moment of sportsmanship

The first half promised us the best game of the cup. But since Cristiano Ronaldo was injured, the Portuguese began to be a bit irritated. So did the Oranje. After the goal, it run down hill to something ugly. Sixfuckingteen yellows and two reds on each side! That was intense but painful. Portugal will have hard time for the next game(s): I bet Costinha will be suspended for more than a single game, every main player has a yellow and they must be very tired (the terrain is huge with only 18 players).
I think however that Portugal deserved to win: Total Football is so obsolete.

It's hard to judge the judging here since players were a tad aggressive. He shouldn't have let the situation degenerate like this but I don't know what he could have done... Given a penalty at Costinha's hateful karate?

I just read Italy robbed the Aussies. Le Squadra Azzura is back in business: cheating, whining, falling, defending. *Yawn*
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"the russian judge" by alprazolam (2.00 / 0) #1 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 08:44:18 AM EST
nice writeups. But you have to give Ecuador some of the "credit" for that boring game as well. They didn't show much initiative to attack at all. And you're right, that Portugal v Holland game could have been (should have been?) the best of the cup, but the players lost their self control and ruined it. The ref was in a tough position. It's a shame Deco's done tho. That was probably hasty, still, it's his own fault.

English football by jump the ladder (4.00 / 1) #2 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 11:31:07 AM EST
very fast paced, very physical and people make lots of errors. Very entertaining but not a good preparation for the World Cup where teams keep possesion, slow the game down and the sort of physical challenges allowed in the Premiership would get you red card hence why England struggles to adapt.

France by martingale (2.00 / 0) #3 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 06:33:36 PM EST
Don't count our chickens before they've laid some eggs in the pan. I think suspensions were good because they forced a sense of urgency, but now that les bleus have won, it's not the best state of mind against Spain.

I'd have preferred if they won the previous one, drawn this one and were hungry for the next one.

Still, at least it's not a complete eggfaced shambles.
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France by TPD (2.00 / 0) #4 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 11:56:40 PM EST
Spain should be a really great match.

Whether France can win I think depends on whether Henry and Zidane can actually play together.

Not sure if there's been a bust up or long lived bad blood (or they just aren't linking well) but they seemed to almost avoid passing to each other as a matter of course.

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