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Star Wars
By georgeha (Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 08:03:31 AM EST) unintended sushi, Monty Meekman, kneepads of allure (all tags)
well, movies, documentaries and books, such as Twelve O'Clock High, Victory at Sea and The Submarine.

Plus, Munchkin, salmon, extremely tedious health update, firefly season, and very little else in the recap of a low key weekend.

Poll: Favorite firefly?

As I expected, it was a boring weekend, where I did about the bare minimum I could as a parent and homeowner, almost. I'm still fighting the whole body exhaustion feeling, but I was able to keep the girls fed and clothed, dishes washed, floors vacuumed nd kitten medicated. Other chores (changing the oil in my vehicles, adding an outdoor socket, mowing the back yard) just have to wait.

We did got to my folks on Saturday for a combination Father's Day Bday celebtration. I brought along Munchkin to play, as sister and her partner had played it just a few weeks before and said it was a lot of fun. I won the first game, nearly ten year old won the second, and had a gleeful time stabbing her aunt in the back (as well as me). But, I can understand the opinions on boardgamegeek that once the novelty wears off, it can be boring, so when I get my shit together it will go off, along with other packages.

I'm still having trouble pan searing my frozen salmon steaks, the big humpy middle part is usually uncooked when I'm done. Friday night I tried again, and ended up eating nearly raw chunks of salmon while watching the DVD set of Victory at Sea with the girls, it was only $9.99 at Wegmans. Nearly five year old was scared of some of the footage in the first two eps, nearly ten year old said it was history, though she no longer falls for the troll "the pictures are in black and white because the world was in black and white then, colors weren't invented until 1944 or so".

Saturday night after the girls finally went to bed was Twelve O'Clock High time, I even skipped Red Green so that I could watch this without staying up too, too late. I was curious about this flick after reading one of the antagonist's in johnny's book rave about it. Indeed, it has many great managerial tips and methods. The board at imdb is a real hoot for this one, people getting upset at how mean Peck's character was (hello, they're in the military and there's a war on!). This would probably never get made today, there's no chicks, or Englishmen, the whole movie takes place in England yet the contribution of the English to the 8th Air Force is totally ignored. Anyhow, a good movie if you want to learn manipulative management tricks, and learn about the burden of command.

Throughout the weekend I read a Bible sized tome, The Submarine, because submarine's have always fascinated me. I went through it quick, and I'm finding that I've read a few of the books in the biblio, so some of it was regurgiated.

And now, it's time for my extremely tedious health update. If you youngun's miss your gaffers and gammers, please feel free to reread this repeatedly.

I still feel very tired, but today the newest symptom is that my knees hurt equally, they're feeling stiff behind the knee. I think I need to do more Yoga, and this may mean my right knee is getting better. I'm still waiting for the Plaquenil to kick in, before leaving me blind.

Mrs. Ha came home in the late afternoon on Sunday, with a bag full of KMart lingerie, I can't wait to see her model them. The kids went away for a while with bird lady across the street for some gardening, we're grateful for that, it made for a good weekend.

It's firefly season, and catching them is trickier than you think. Twilight works best, if it's too light you won't see their flash, too dark and you can't track them when they're not lit up. I think this is the first year nearly five year old has been able to catch some on her own. On my recent nice evenings, our side of the street is full of kids catching them, which makes an early bedtime hard. What's your favorite firefly?

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My great uncle by ad hoc (2.00 / 0) #1 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 08:17:09 AM EST
was in the 8th Air Force. His plane was shot down but he was off rotation for that day. He was a belly gunner.

There's a museum in GA that's supposed to be pretty good.

I've only been on a sub once or twice and only while in port. I did get to drive a simulator once, in New London, CT. It's trickier than you'd think. We sank the boat.
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I've been on a B-17 by georgeha (2.00 / 0) #2 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 08:23:41 AM EST
probably Fuddy Duddy, since it was at an air show in Geneseo. Boy, they're small inside, roughly as big as a minivan.

In high school English, we got a big kick out of Jarrell's Death of a Ball Turret Gunner, it had to be a non-fun station to man.

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Aren't they supposed to sink? by wiredog (2.00 / 0) #14 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 05:46:39 PM EST

Earth First!
(We can strip mine the rest later.)

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Only temporarily by ad hoc (2.00 / 0) #22 Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 04:03:00 AM EST
nearly raw salmon by alprazolam (2.00 / 0) #3 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 08:25:13 AM EST
that sounds pretty good.

the thickest part should probably be a little raw.

I prefer it hot and flaky and moist by georgeha (2.00 / 0) #4 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 08:26:43 AM EST
but nearly raw wasn't bad, I don't know if salmon carries parasites that like humans, though.

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Raw salmon sushi is yummers by ad hoc (2.00 / 0) #5 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 08:58:44 AM EST
Then again, maybe it's smoked. I don't know. It looks raw though.
Close friendships and a private room can offer most of the things love does.
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me either by alprazolam (2.00 / 0) #8 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 09:29:06 AM EST
i always leave meat (fish or steak) a little "rare" in the middle.

how hot are you cooking the salmon, and how long on each side?

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A nudge short of olive oil smoking by georgeha (2.00 / 0) #10 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 09:52:00 AM EST
and apparently not long enough.

I think next time I'll reduce the heat and cover the pan.

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Yes, it does by ucblockhead (2.00 / 0) #11 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 12:04:56 PM EST
My yoga teacher got a tapeworm from salmon.
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it depends on the salmon. by LinDze (2.00 / 0) #17 Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 12:37:28 AM EST
if its farm raised, in that its never spawned/been in fresh water, then you cant get parasites from it. If its wild, and has spawned in fresh water, then you can get parasites.

According to my sushi chef, of course. basically the salt water parasites may be carried by the fish but the parasites are incompatible with our blood stream. fresh water parasites you can pick up.

Also you can do a little faux poach. do your regular fish fry, then when you have ~3 minutes left toss in 2-3 tbsp of water and cover. it will generate just enough steam to cook all the way through. Same trick works with just about anything, from grilled cheese sandwiches to omeletes.

-Lin Dze
Arbeit Macht Frei

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I'll try the poaching trick by georgeha (2.00 / 0) #19 Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 03:29:05 AM EST
it works with grilled cheese, why not salmon.

It was a salmon of Chilean origin, I have no idea how much time it spent in fresh water.

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Teh searing by barooo (4.00 / 2) #6 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 09:16:03 AM EST

Before you start, preheat the oven to about 400 of the Lord's degrees, heat your skillet to really fucking hot, put in the oil and swirl until it shimmers, then plop the fish in and sear for about 3-4 minutes a side, turning the heat down slightly once things start to smoke, then pop the fish in the oven to finish.  I usually put it on a half sheet pan, so I can deglaze the searing vessel for sauce, but if you're not saucing, just pop the whole thing in.  Probably about 5 minutes on average, then plate it and let it sit for 2-3 minutes while you assemble (or if you're just throwing it on a plate to eat straightaway, let it rest for 2-3 minutes anyway).  It's awfully tricky to cook stuff it through just on the stovetop, although dropping the heat to nearly off for 2 mintues then back to medium for 3 might do it.

man, i need a beefy taco now.
The oven might be the trick by georgeha (2.00 / 0) #7 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 09:20:28 AM EST
I didn't want to bring it in just to cook one fillet, but I may have to.

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dropping the heat a bit by alprazolam (2.00 / 0) #9 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 09:30:55 AM EST
yea that's worked for me too. i've never tried finishing in the oven.

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hmmmm by dev trash (2.00 / 0) #12 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 04:08:56 PM EST
I liked the one where Jayne got the hat from his Mom.  And hell I liked them all.

Blizzard of Death '06
The movie was pretty good, as I recall by johnny (4.00 / 1) #13 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 05:23:20 PM EST
however the circumstance under which I saw it --a managerial "off-site" of the touchy-feely kind of which Dilbertian nightmares are made -- was nearly enough to do me in.

Someday I should tell the story of the off-site at Pajaro Dunes-- with my 9 managerial peers, all women, all basically ignorant of technology (we were managers of publications at Sun Microsystems and I was trying to explain to them why certain procedures had to change in order to publish on CDs instead of on paper), and the only other male person being my boss, a sociopath whose ego would make Donald Trump seem a shrinking violet by comparison. Not to mention--this is way before the days of cell phones, -- that we were basically held incommunicado for three days of "bonding and team building", phones were for "emergency use only" while back in the real world my wife is dealing with 3 small children, one of whom has chronic health problems. . . and that's not the half of it. . .  Shall we say it was NOT the least stressfull time in my marriage. . . and then on our last night there for one last masochistic bonding experience we watch "Twelve O'Clock High" with this asshole "director of publications" at Sun Microsystems, our boss, who clearly identifies himself with the Gregory Peck character, what with the awesome burden of command, and all. Because when you get right down to it, there really isn't a heck of a lot of difference between (on the one hand) commanding a  bomber squadron where, no matter how well you do your job, a goodly number of your men are going to get killed or wounded every time you go up into the sky to drop bombs on the human beings in the factories below (and if your larger mission fails, Nazis rule the earth), and (on the other hand) commanding a technical publications group at Sun Microsystems.

Sorry, I got carried away there, didn't I. 15 years later the urge to vomit has not completely gone away. . . If Dilbert ever winds up in Hell, it will be at this off-site.

In a way I guess I'm glad that I had such a set of loathesome experiences and such a truly vile, despicable, loathesome (sp???) boss.  For it gave me the raw material for my novel, and I'm glad I wrote it, all things considered.

Glad you liked the flick.

She has effectively checked out. She's an un-person of her own making. So it falls to me.--ad hoc (in the hole)

I can easily see how a power-hungry mediocre by georgeha (4.00 / 1) #20 Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 03:33:34 AM EST
manager can see the cheap managerial tricks in the movie, and ignore Peck's inherent humanity, and use it as a template for being a tinpot despot.

But you know, those manuals have to ship.

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You should get by riceowlguy (2.00 / 0) #15 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 06:12:32 PM EST
Munchin 2: Unnatural Axe
so that you can get my favorite card evar - the Cute Shoulder Dragon +2 (+4 for girls).

The only Steve Jackson game I really want by georgeha (2.00 / 0) #21 Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 03:37:01 AM EST
is One Page Bulge, which is long out of print. I don't know if I can see spending $15-20 on a Munchkin expansion when I can buy an Advanced Squad Leader Intro set for just a little more, or even Settler's of Cataan for a little bit more than that.

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fireflies by 256 (2.00 / 0) #16 Mon Jun 26, 2006 at 07:49:40 PM EST
i do rather like the tv show, and did spend a fair bit of time driving around in a pontiac firefly convertible (WIPO) as a teenager. still, i have to say that the insect wins the prize.

also: why is my birthday in your poll?
I don't think anyone's ever really died from smoking. --ni

A Grateful Dead song, Passenger, by georgeha (2.00 / 0) #18 Tue Jun 27, 2006 at 01:57:35 AM EST
mentions firefly in the lyrics. One of the more highly regarded ones was done on your bday.

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