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By veldmon (Thu May 11, 2006 at 10:05:12 PM EST) cactus, refried, beans, earphones, socialism, capitalists, gypsies, amish, quebecer (all tags)
The illegal immigration debate is heating up in the U.S.A. Some leading Democrats have suggested that anyone seen crossing the border illegally should be shot on the spot by border patrol agents, and strung up on any nearby cactus to warn others away. A Republican committee chairmain has endorsed the idea that companies which hire the illegals reward them with water and refried beans only. Talk radio hosts have demanded that English be forcibly administered to the illegals through earphones they're required to wear in public.

I'm simultaneously amused and saddened by the irony in the rhetoric, as our country is a nation founded by unwanted immigrants (I don't recall the Indian tribes gleefully relinquishing the land to the pilgrim scum that arrived). Those with a reddish-brown skin are the rightful owners of this land. It is time we face, and then act on, this truth. As a white male whose ancestors were from Pembrokeshire, I have no qualm about being relocated to Wales. If all white Americans returned to their ancestral homes, two major injustices would be righted. The first is the theft of America by the white man. The second is socialism in Europe. The influx of influential American capitalists will surely erode that system for good.

I'm not saying this is a realistic scenario in the near future, but if there is a loving God in existence, it will happen one day along with the eradication of Gypsies, the Amish, and their Quebecer enablers.

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