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By miker2 (Thu Apr 20, 2006 at 09:13:25 AM EST) cycling, running, ironman, triathlon, swimming, o&a party rock (all tags)
Some hot cycling action and some other random happenings.


Since my last diary I've cycled to the tune of ~275 miles, the vast majority of which were spent sweating profusely on the CompuTrainer.  I did get out and ride outside a couple of times, doing hill repeats up the .7 mile hill at the local state park multi-use path.  I don't particularly like riding on MUP's since I tend to be rather quick, but I went late on a Sunday so there weren't many runners/walkers to annoy.  When I run there after work the local cycling club does their Tuesday night world championship race on the MUP, which is quite annoying being that they ride in a shoulder-to-shoulder pack.

The other outdoor ride was this past weekend in coastal NJ.  Headed up there with both bikes and did a hard trainer workout on the tri bike and then headed out for a zone 2/3 ride on the road bike.  The ride went well until I got some extreme tightness/soreness in my right lower back/gluteus area.  That put a big hamper on my ability to hang with the pack (5 riders total) and I got dropped a lot, but managed to always climb back on.

The trainer sessions have been great, setting new personal records for average power output on each one.  During Saturday's two-minute intervals I did 8 of the twelve repeats above 300W, with the best being 354 @ 24.3mph average.  The last time I did this workout (11 March), there were TWO above 300, and none even remotely close to 350W.

This Monday's session:
10:00 249W(393W max), 22.2mph avg., 3.70miles
10:00 262W(434W max), 22.6mph avg., 3.76miles

Other Training:

Been progressing on the long runs, with this weeks being just shy of 10.5 miles at an average of 7:41/mile.  Not blistering but if I can keep that up for another 3.1 I'll be looking at a half-marathon PR by about 10 minutes.  I just need to up my weekly mileage to over 20 then progress to 40 during the late spring/summer.

I'm finally off the lifting 5 days/week segment of my strength program and I'm sooo happy about it.  Now I lift just 3 days/week, 4 exercises done with 5 sets of low reps and high weight.  With the extra two+ hours/week of time I hope to squeeze in more runs and maybe even some downtime.

The swimming's been really.... meh.  I just can't get motivated to get my butt to the pool in the mornings and going after work isn't going to happen due to the pool being packed.  The upshot is that my 100m time is down to 1:30 at a sub-maximal effort thanks to the weight training.

In other news....

Looks like the speculation is true.  I'm curious as to how this will effect XM subscriptions since they'll have an additional outlet for their advertising.  As a long-time fan of O&A I certainly hope the show doesn't get toned down at all and rumors have it that the XM show will actually be longer in order to provide the FM channels with enough 'clean' material to do 3 hours a day.

21 Minutes:

I compiled a listing of all of my race results sometime last year, which I left on the PC at my last place.  In the process of recreating it with the intention of some hot mysql + php action, I had to retreive my Ironman splits.

Ironman tri's have cutoffs to force some minimum level of fitness and preparedness.  2:20 is the swim cutoff.  10:30 is the swim + t1 + bike + t2 cutoff, meaning you have to be ON the run course 10:30 after the gun (usually 5:30pm since they all start at 7am).  My bike and transition splits looked a bit long, and they were since I was slow, but I was always under the assumption that I had at least an hour to spare in getting on the run course.  21 minutes.  That's all I had to spare.

Well, time to post this pig.

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So do you by ad hoc (4.00 / 1) #1 Thu Apr 20, 2006 at 10:07:16 AM EST
plug those watts back into the grid?
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I wish.. by miker2 (2.00 / 0) #2 Thu Apr 20, 2006 at 10:37:24 AM EST
I actually use energy for the ability to create that power in that the Computrainer requires TWO 110v outlets + TV.

Ohh, I meant to post this in the diary, but I'll (and quite possibly we'll) be in NH again this August (weekend of 20th), travelling through Boston.

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I'll be here by ad hoc (2.00 / 0) #3 Thu Apr 20, 2006 at 10:42:23 AM EST
The 13th is the Larz Anderson bike show. It's not worth making a special trip for, but if you're around.

Not much happens here in August. That's usually when I have my MTB out and around.
Close friendships and a private room can offer most of the things love does.

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