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By misslake (Fri Mar 31, 2006 at 12:12:42 PM EST) art, films, ideas, rain, burlesque shows (all tags)
after the film i spent the day having bad ideas.

i dreamt of a university student. male, corn-fed farm boy of the kind i encountered so frequently at guelph. he walked across campus and into an old ivy covered building, across an indoor stone walkway, and attend his film lecture. the lecture hall was half full and everyone was sitting near the front. some girls were talking and laughing loudly. the professor comes in, sits in the centre of the room, to the right of the male student whose perspective i have adopted.

"okay everyone, i'm going to start the film now, it's called * (i forgot the tile of the film upon waking) and i want you to pay special attention to the first part," he is talking louder and louder trying to carry his voice over the sounds of the girl's gossip. "the director actually uses the start of the film to pose some interesting questions of the audience. i expect all of you to pay close attention and to be able to give the answers to the questions the director poses in his film."
the film starts, it isn't in black and white but it isn't very colourful at all. the student is getting totally frustrated by the girls talking. he's wondering why the prof didn't ask them to be quiet. he's also frustrated with the way the prof talks, and hates trying to take notes in the dark lecture hall with the films on. then the 'questions' appear, a hat drifts on screen. then a question mark. then, as if choices in a multiple choice type question, a pot of flowers come into focus, then something else, then a ball rolls on screen, then a small cartoon monster.
the student is stunned, but he dutifully tries to write down the questions and the answers. he strains to hear the sound, there is definitely music of some sort, but he can't tell if there is any talking or lyrics. he's totally furious with the girls (who haven't shut up yet) but he is unwilling to speak up. the multiple choice questions continue, he eventually gives up because they are stupid and meaningless to him, and he curses silently to himself, hating the artsy-fartsy director, the prof and the class, and especially the girls who won't stop talking. there is a scene of a man with a trench coat on standing beside an old gnarled silver maple. the ball from the first question rolls over to him, he reaches into his coat and draws a rapier.
"hey, excuse me professor!" another student sitting further to the front tries to get the prof's attention, and has a hard time because of the loud girls. he stands up, and waves.
"oh, yes! you there, class we seem to have a question or comment from the student in the front there!" announces the prof long-windedly.
"what did the guy just do? what did he take out of his coat?"
our student can just barely see the screen, since the guy is standing in front. the man is now flourishing his rapier and he gets into an engarde sort of position.
"that man," explains the prof, "is played by * and he has drawn his rapier from his coat in response to the BALL that has rolled on from the right side of the scene..."
the girls are still talking.
"watch this next part carefully class..."
there are some oohs and ahhs, but the other student hasn't sat down and our student can't see. he's frustrated, annoyed, and has given up on the crappy art film, passing this class and moreover; his academic career, and his hopes of a degree, a future and ever making anything of himself. the student sits down.
then the scene changes, the camera pans over a series of windows, and comes into focus on a strange set of square paned windows. the panes are small, leaded, frosted glass, and in cream painted frames. you can't see what is behind them, but it might be dappled sunshine through leaves. they are set up in strange arrangements, not even symmetrical rows and columns. suddenly he recognizes the pattern from some logic or math class. the girls have quieted down, that there is a general murmur of confusion rustling through the class. but our student suddenly 'gets' it, he counts the panes, counts the panes in each row and  column and solves it, sort of like it's a sudoku or something. (i dreamt of maths and logic puzzles that were actually out of my waking ability to solve or even explain) he realizes that this fits in with the title, the director's name, the name of the actor and the whole movie is not about the superficial hat? -flowerpot questions, but a big math pun.
"professor! i get it! this is it, this is the 'solution' to the films 'questions'!" he excitedly explains the joke, the calculations and the resulting math pun.
"well, that's and interesting hypothesis, but look, the frame of the window here has something about a father and son duo, see, your theory doesn't explain that. it doesn't actually 'explain' the film, this is film art, not maths, you see the director isn't posing a science problem, with only one answer but really is making a broad artistic statement with far-reaching schema that can be used to relate the outer experience of his world to the inner world..."
"no, no you don't get it, it's a math joke..."
but he can't make the prof or his class understand.
finally he shouts "oh forget it!" and storms out. the girls laugh at him and begin talking about him.
he goes out, walks across the quad and passes a strangely familiar looking silver maple tree on his right. he slows his pace down, and gets hit in the ankle by the ball from the movie. he looks around in confusion, and suddenly gets overwhelmed by the flowerpot, hat, monster, and other images from the movie, that suddenly became real.

i was going to go to MEC and buy a basic, 19$ bike helmet. but last week i went to look at helmets at a trendy bike store. they had the most beautiful helmet. it was round, pearlized cream finish, with gold and silver swirls over the front. on the back it had angels. i loved it. unfortunately it was 60$. that's when i decided to go to MEC for a cheap one. but i cant get the fancy helmet out of my mind. i think i'm going to go buy it.

Ndave has been craving the green room. i insist that it's terrible food and worse service. very cool atmosphere, and if you have lots of time or just want to go somewhere to hang out more than eat or drink anything it's great. be he really wants to go. for breakfast. we only have an hour and a half before he has to be at work, so it's totally a rush. i agreed to get breakfast with him there. i almost ordered a pitcher of sangria, but or server had vanished. we sat outside on the patio in the rain.

i wore a ridiculous outfit, and it rained, and we were on our bikes so i got really cold and wet. but i looked so hot. i had my little plaid punk rock dress with the lace up front on over a white shirt and black capris. i had on fishnet knee highs and hoodie. i'm getting dressed to go back out. i've got on long low rider tight assed flared jeans, a nice bra, a fishnet shirt. i'll put on another hoodie and bring an umbrella. and the bottoms of my jeans will get soaked. and i'll hate it. i'll wear lots of mascara and black eyeliner so it will run down my cheeks when i get wet.

then i answered an email from my ex girlfriend. she's going to be in town tonight for her birthday and wants to see me. she suggested going to a rock and roll burlesque show in the gaybourhood. i agreed to go with her. my other ex girlfriend is one of the featured performers. when it all goes wrong, goddamn! will it ever be a fabulous disaster. i'll wear my new ridiculously overpriced helmet.

i think i'm going to go order 2 batches of wine from the wine store, that's 60 bottles. then i'll wander around the annex, try and buy enough sewing supplies to finish the stuffed giant squid i'm making, maybe buy some fruit, and pick up some receipt books so 256 and i can forge rent receipts so that i can do my taxes and get money back.

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can't be arsed reading that by Rogerborg (2.00 / 0) #1 Fri Mar 31, 2006 at 12:25:03 PM EST
i will however subscribe to a podcast of it, know what i mean?

Metus amatores matrum compescit, non clementia.
great dream. by calla (2.00 / 0) #2 Fri Mar 31, 2006 at 02:41:42 PM EST
I like how our hero was the only one who figured out the math joke.

ARgh - those gossiping girls were really pissing me off.

I couldn't find the end of the dream sequence. by ammoniacal (2.00 / 0) #3 Sat Apr 01, 2006 at 10:05:23 AM EST

"To this day that was the most bullshit caesar salad I have every experienced..." - triggerfinger

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