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By riceowlguy (Sun Feb 26, 2006 at 07:36:44 PM EST) singing, music, church, racing, gaming, lifehack (all tags)
Soon you will be awake, and I will be asleep.  But before we make it so...

Plus: poll.

Sorry I have been gone, I really miss our chats but it's just not been possible.  I almost never have time when I'm home to post and work has been wonderfully busy lately so no dice there either.  When I get my laptop up and running I may be able to do some posting from rehearsals during down times.

I am very grateful that I did not get sick during the past week; honestly, it feels like a miracle.  I was dead tired and stressed the whole time and people around me were hacking and coughing and having pink eye and stuff.  I couldn't have afforded it.

Friday was the Choir Cabaret fundraiser.  I got through my big solo okay and the rest of the evening was a breeze.  All my Cohen House table-waiting and bussing skills came flooding back in hurry.

Saturday at the Cathedral we had half a Hugh Grant movie: two weddings and a funeral (which, along with the baptisms this morning, are pretty representative of Charlie the British Baritone's phrase for the regular weekend business of a cathedral: Matches, Hatches and Dispatches).  We were only singing at the funeral, thankfully.  I have never seen the place so packed, not even on Christmas or Easter.  The deceased was a very popular fellow.

Then this morning we did the aforementioned baptisms, with the Darke in E (Collegium Regale) mass, plus an excerpt from Mendelssohnn's Elijah for the anthem...electrifying.

I had a nice long chat with our dance instructor for Ruddigore after rehearsal in which I concluded that coming to the cathedral is probably the third best thing that has ever happened to me.  So, thank you, Buttercup, for making that happen.

I just spent about fifteen minutes trying to find any kind of recording out there of any of the Darke masses we sing on a regular basis (F (the 'effin Darke), E, or A) and I can't.  Shame.  Maybe that's what our next CD should be.

So, what else?  I've been playing a lot of Gran Turismo 4.  I'm borrowing teh Y's PS/2, and lent their copy of Katamari Damacy to HX71 in exchange for the GT4...which I need to give back tomorrow so it doesn't devour my soul the way GT3A did...and also get rid of the unfortunate side effect that I drive like a maniac when I'm playing that game.  I'm always trying to take the perfect racing line through all my corners, and dreaming of the day I can get an M3 or NSX.

I'm playing with the GTDTiddlyWiki Plus and so far it's more fun than actually helpful.  But it's fun, so I'll keep on doing it.

Speaking of give you an idea of the level of game geekery that goes on in that room: they are all on Weight Watchers right now because they all to some degree want to lose weight.  They describe it as being the perfect plan for them because it's just like an RPG: "I'm trying to build up skill points so I can equip this hamburger at dinner." Sigh.


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