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By LilFlightTest (Thu Feb 23, 2006 at 07:26:27 PM EST) allergies, sleep, hard drive (all tags)
By some miracle, my three-years-dead hard drive spun to life just long enough to copy all the files off.

This means that i now have my ginormous music collection back, as well as a lot of pictures, and other files i'd like to have. I never thought it'd happen, but nick decided to try one last time before chucking it. the data is all fine, there's nothing wrong with that part. the motor just didnt want to spin at the correct speed to make the drive useful. it has now been labeled "flaky" and stored accordingly.

yay for new babies!

i had a long nap this evening, and now, two hours after i woke up, i'm tired and want to go back to bed. while i don't think i'm getting sick, i DO think that i'm more stressed than i realize. i've got a lot going on, and while i'm keeping up on everything, i could definately do without the added hassle of weekly allergist visits (still testing) so i could keep a normal schedule. my honey has also been sick this week, and since i'm a worrier i've been...well, worrying. he's been sleeping on the couch, as well, and i don't sleep well when things change, such as what side of the bed i'm sleeping on, and a decrease in the number of occupants. i can still nap just about anywhere, but i dont sleep for more than an hour and a half at a crack, and that just doesnt do enough for me.

another thing messing with my sleep is that i have nightmares. while this itself is not unusual, what has changed is that i wake up drenched in sweat, and freezing. not sure what's up with that, but the allergist had my thyroid checked and i havent heard anything to indicate there's a problem there. i just assume it means i'm going to die, and go with that.

i think i'm going to go to bed. honey feels a little better, and snugglies are planned. night night.

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