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Pretty dang good weekend.

Snuck out of work early Friday after putting in about 2 hours. Quick workout, home for a shower, then down to DAL to pick up my buddy WJW IV who was flying into town from the 'Lou.

Drove down to Austin...the HOV lane on 35 saved us probably half an hour, that ruled. Got there relatively early, around 7:30 and grabbed a quick burger dinner before heading out to Mugshotz to get wasted. Oh yea before that we had a couple shots of the Goose which was my gift to the Smut Lodge (my buddy in Austin's new house). Managed to make it in the door before immediately passing out on the nearest couch, guess a Long Island and a couple double whiskey and cokes is all the liquor I can handle anymore. Maybe I was just tired.

So we woke up Saturday pretty excited and watched College Gameday broadcast live from Fayettenam. Austin-buddy's roommate was there but he didn't get on TV, nor did we manage to see the "McFadden got a baby arm" sign we were looking for. But the end of the show was great, they all put on Arkansas hats (Lee Corso, the goofball, put a pig bigger than himself on his head) and proclaimed Arkansas the winner. A truly beautiful moment.

After that we managed to drive 20 minutes out of town to a closed for lunch on Sunday Sushi restaurant, after which we redirected to a dive bar seafood place that had damn good oysters, as well as pretty good gumbo. We stopped by Junior's on the way home to pick up a keg of we were in line some guys ahead of us were loading up the back of a truck with 8 kegs. Now that's a college town. So we got back in time to do a little pre 4:20 cleaning. It actually didn't take us very long to get stuff setup so we tapped the keg just before 6 and settled in for what we knew would be one of the greatest ass kickings of all time.

After stopping the Volunteers on a 3 and out, Tennessee stuffed McFadden on his first run of the day. Arkansas went 3 and out, and it looked like a tough fight was on.  Arkansas kept playing solid defense and got good field position on the next possession and drove 49 yards to score a brilliant TD pass from Casey Dick to Marcus Monk after McFadden got them to the 10 yard line. Arkansas slowly began gashing Tennessee with the run and by halftime it was clear that they couldn't stop McFadden, whether he was rushing for 6 yards a clip or throwing touchdown passes from the shotgun. The second half was all Razorbacks thanks to a dominant offense and a much improved defense.

Towards the end of the game some math geniuses started showing up, so we switched over to the Texas - Kansas State game while waiting for ahem "Smashley" to show up with 200 jello shots. My old girlfriend's old best friend, who I hadn't seen for 5 years showed up around 11. So we did a lot of talking and some mingling, at some point we had around 100 kids there drinking beer. The cops showed up to warn us about the noise, apparently you only get 6 warnings, but they were to go off duty in 2 hours anyway. So we did try to keep it down a bit. We tapped our keg around midnight and a couple of the motivated type of drunks (possibly motivated to get real drunk after the Texas loss...which btw may have cleared the way for the Hogs to the BCS championship game) went and picked up #2. By that time I was nicely buzzed but nowhere near wasted. However I only had one beer off that second keg because by that point I'd decided on a course of action that required me to be only moderately drunk.

Well, what can I say...basically I seduced this girl who'd come up just for the night to see me and my two buddies. I have this technique which seems to work: separate you and your target, make a move, get rejected, and then wait until much later when you're much more alone and really make your move. I walked her out to her car around 4 and didn't make it back in until 8. In the meantime I said some stuff that in retrospect I can't help but think "why the hell would you say that" but of course it certainly seemed to work. I mean...I was pretty slick to be honest. I do feel a bit bad about her having a boyfriend and all, but I new I wanted her as soon as I heard she was coming up. I couldn't help but viewing it as finishing something I (we), 10 years ago. Which actually didn't get finished, but like I told her, I'm patient. She asked me if I knew I was hot. That was pretty cool :D.

I gotta say it's a bit of a disturbing trend that of the last 5 girls I've made out with, 4 had boyfriends and one had a husband. Of course the game of spin the bottle somewhat artificially inflates things, but it seems like I could be pushing my luck, or maybe I'm an asshole.

Anyway, drove back Sunday and got to listen to the Cowboys game on the radio the whole way, dropped my buddy off at DAL at 6AM this morning and now it's time for the gym.

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