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By glamorgan (Thu Oct 05, 2006 at 01:04:04 PM EST) Japan, Sake, Vacations (all tags)
Meet for drinks?

I'm going to be touring through Japan over the next 3 weeks with my girlfriend.  Are there any Husiers in Japan that would like to meet for $BEVERAGE_OF_CHOICE?

My schedule is:
Oct 9-18: Naha
Oct 18-25: Kyoto/Osaka/Hiroshima
Oct 25-30: Tokyo

Anybody have any sightseeing tips?  We have done lots of research and know all about the obvious places.  We are looking for those smaller places that Lonely Planet,Fodors,etc would overlook.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.

And yes, I already have a day planed for Akihabara!!

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remote possibility by R343L (2.00 / 0) #1 Fri Oct 06, 2006 at 11:56:10 PM EST
That I might be in Tokyo at the end of the month. But it's remote: they'd have to close a deal in the next week and I would have to get re-assigned. In any case, there is a very friendly pub (for foreigners) called the Warrior Celt in the Ueno area with lots of expats and a lot of local japanese and live music quite a few nights (tiny bar though, so it's loud).

As for sightseeing, there is one item that is probably in the guides: hama-rikyu gardens (near the tsukiji market area). This time of year they are probably gorgeous .. presumably by end of October the colors would be really good.

Are you up for going outside (central) Tokyo? If you go way west part of Tokyo, there is Tama Zoo (多摩動物公園 is the Japanese because once you get outside central urban areas, the English signage can get sparse) which is pretty neat. Basically one intermediate length train ride west out of Shinjuku.

Also, north of Tokyo in Saitama prefecture in Oomiya (大宮) there is "bonsai town" where a bunch of the bonsai gardeners live -- they will let you come in and browse. About a 45 minute train ride on one of the lines out of Ueno (what I took anyway). In the same area (south of bonsai-cho but walkable), there is a large-ish park with a small zoo and a shrine. It's a very suburban and family-oriented park, but I think that made it more charming. The zoo has the benefit that like a small zoo anywhere, it has mostly "common" animals from the local area (and a few "rare" ones from outside). Since you presumably don't live in Japan, the "common" local animals are really rare ... and the choices for the "rare" foreign ones are probably quaint. :)


"There will be time, there will be time / To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet." -- Eliot

Thanks for the tips by glamorgan (2.00 / 0) #2 Sat Oct 07, 2006 at 07:27:16 AM EST
If the schedule comes together and you will be in Tokyo send me a private message.  I hope it works out.

I will be sure to check out the pub in Ueno.  I've always been a sucker for a good pint :-).  We are planning an early morning visit to tsukiji to explore and have a sushi breakfast, I think we will check out the gardens while in the area.

The bonsai town sounds really neat, we may head out to see it.  We are using Kyoto and Tyoko as a 'home base' and plan to take some day trips out of the city.  We learned in other travels that the cities are just a part of the flavour of a country.  We are from Calgary, so the 'local' animals would be the highlight of the zoo.  I don't mind the lack of English signs, I enjoy the extra challenge when communication is reduced to sign language.

Thanks for the info, I hope to see you in Tokyo.

Only one more sleep until I leave for Okinawa!

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