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By Histle JJL Mechanics (Fri Dec 28, 2007 at 06:57:22 AM EST) video games, long time, no post (all tags)
Looking for a good RPG for the XBox 360. I already have Oblivion.

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Working life
By ReallyEvilCanine (Thu Nov 22, 2007 at 04:23:29 AM EST) A Day in the Life, video games, persistent sessions, WTF, pie (all tags)
Press Save to Reboot

I had to update a Notice today because Sun finally fixed a bug which we reference because, well, it fucks up $OurBigApp rather severely. I'd been putting it off for a few days since I'm so backlogged but I finally got it sorted. When I went to save the doc in Word, I did what I always do: hit control-S. And my desktop rebooted. Firefox may have a session restore but there's no such thing in Notepad. Three blog entries must now be rewritten from scratch.

x-posted to da brog.

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Print Story Xbox 360: Call of Duty 4 Beta
By duxup (Fri Sep 14, 2007 at 11:45:44 AM EST) video games (all tags)
Nothing here but duxup's account of shooing people in the face online in the 360 Call of Duty 4 Beta.

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Print Story Come Here Woman!
That’s right I’m back.  Like some hunky soap opera guy I’m just waltzing back with no legitimate excuses and I’m going only to slap a big wet one on Husi expecting everything to go back to the way it was despite my absence.


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Do people read the tags? or do people even read the intros?

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