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Print Story Ask HuSi: Rock me like a hurricane
By theantix (Thu Aug 31, 2006 at 04:47:12 PM EST) THINGS THAT TOTALLY FRIGGING SUCK, theantix was here (all tags)
Let me tell you about a friend of mine, we'll call him The A to protect his privacy.  No scratch that, let's call him T. Antix instead.  For the sake of hypothetical thinking, let's assume that T. Antix and his wife P. Simmon have a honeymoon trip coming up in beautiful sunny Los Cabos, MX.  Let's say that a hurricane was about to hit this town, approximately Friday night or early Saturday morning.  Totally hypothetically, let's pretend that this anonymous person T. Antix has a flight scheduled into Los Cabos on Saturday afternoon.

Inside:  more hypothetical posturing, then a question

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Print Story Decisions
Drinking Coffee at 7:30p?  Perhaps not the best decision of my life.

But on the other hand, Snakes on a Plane?

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Print Story those other people are so stupid!
It’s pretty easy to be baffled by how stupid the “other side” of the political debates are, especially now that the divides are so great between the left and right wing thinking in most western countries right now.  How on earth could they cling to fact thats that are so obviously wrong, etc etc — I must confess that I repeatedly come to this conclusion myself.

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Print Story drm feeds my family

Well, I suppose actually it doesn't.  DRM doesn't really taste that good with peanut butter, after all.  But like many people in this modern era, my job depends on the fact that there are provisions in place to prevent copyright infringement.  Specifically something called "Digital Rights Management", DRM vaguely describes a set of actions that someone can do to prevent digital media from being copied.  The most famous negative example of this is Sony's disturbingly stupid release of software that broke peoples Windows computers when they simply inserted an audio CD.

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Print Story I am happy to announce
If you aren't a regular reader of my awesome weblog (and why the hell not!?!) or a #husi regular, you may have missed the news: I am finally rejoining the world of the employed!  After a very long immigration-inspired drought, I got back into the game with what I can only describe as my dream job.  Good company, good pay, good environment, good commute... friggin' AWESOME!

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Print Story Analysis of a WFC non-entry
Ever since my dramatic victory in the WFC, people have been coming up to me asking for my advice.  "theantix," they say, "how can I not write a short story in order to win fame, money, and women?"

Inside: my advice

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Print Story Namedropping
The art  of shameless namedropping is a great way to get people to read your journal/blog/diary.  People know you pay attention to them so this subtley encourages them to pay attention to you.

But this is too much!

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Print Story FSM Gospel, a book review
Short summary: don't buy it.  Hell, don't even borrow it.

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Print Story Things
Everything you wanted to know about not being a fish, but were too afraid to ask.

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