Print Story Guardian goes all adequacyesque on its readership
 I was highly amused to read that the well respected mouthpiece of leftwing thought (and efficiently tax structured) newspaper "The Guardian" has decided to go "full adequacy" on it's readership.

The Guardian has announced that it's aptly named "Comment is free" section will no longer allow readers comments on articles where the topic concerns Islam, race or immigration.

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Print Story Thinking of joining PEGIDA
By gmd (Tue Jan 05, 2016 at 10:58:27 AM EST) pegida, islam, moslems, chomsky, freedom of speech (all tags)
Although by all mainstream media accounts it seems to be a "racist" organisation. But then, my opinion of mainstream media has been skewed by a) Chomsky and b) actually reading it. So I suppose this could just be the usual establishment smearing of any viewpoint not confirming with the NWO agenda.

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Print Story Am I missing something?
Why do people insist on trying to put square pegs into round holes?

There seems to be a trend these days of forcing people to approve/endorse stuff that they don't really approve of. As a libertarian this is a hateful kind of coercion I would like to see stopped.

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Print Story All of creation
By gzt (Thu Aug 19, 2010 at 05:19:29 PM EST) gzt, about enough, othello, futurama, islam (all tags)
Contained herein: opinion of the mosque,

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Print Story Can anyone else see a simple solution?
At the risk of raising a controversial topic and being accused of racism and trolling, I just wondered if anyone else like me could see a startlingly simplistic solution to the problems of multiculturalism?

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Print Story The women of Brick Lane
By xth (Thu May 21, 2009 at 08:16:57 AM EST) Prostitution, Islam, ├ćon Flux (all tags)
"Finally made it to IKEA."

You'll never read a more exciting intro to a diary than that.

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