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By coryking (Mon Mar 06, 2006 at 08:32:15 AM EST) i, digg, your mom (all tags)
Digg is now slashdot in terms of comments.  The one level threading is a great idea, but digg's implementation SUCKS ASS.

Here is the typical digg discussion now:

<hidden "troll" comment, -10000>
  - <modded up reply to troll +100>
  - <modded up reply to troll +10> 
  - <modded up reply to troll>
  - "Mod Parent Up!"
  - "+1 Comment Dugg!!!!"

Gee, that looks like a typical slashdot discussion.  Disjoint with hidden crap all over the place and full of meta-moderation "+1" comments.  arg...

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