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Some of you may know I suffer from a mental illnesses. (No, not Libertarianism, that one is my own responsibility). I suffer from occasional bouts of oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) .

I don't suffer badly enough for it to require psychiatric treatment, but it does occasionally manifest itself in ways which are detrimental to my enjoyment of life.

As an example, I find it impossible not to intervene when a rent-a-cop tries to exceed his or her authority. I feel obliged, nay compelled to get involved in arguments at are arguably none of my business. The current hysteria over anyone taking photos of buildings in the Illuminati controlled City of London is one of my big 'red rag to a bull' triggers.

the people whose rights I am trying to protect, often are not appreciative of my efforts either.

so it's time I did something about it.

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Print Story New Years Resolution. It's a tough one!
My new years resolution is to quit trolling. I've tried it before without success, but this time I intend to apply willpower.

I've been doing some deep introspection as part of a wider audit of my life, and it turns out there are some underlying psychological issues that I need to work out (possibly stemming from early adolescence), and "trolling" seems to be one of the ways these issues manifest themselves.

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