Print Story BBC to air "Lost" Blake's Seven episodes
As some of you may know, I am not a big fan of the British Broadcasting Corporation. Some of you may even share my disgust (but given the demographic here I bet those people are in a minority).

liberal political bias
covering up for well connected criminals
spouting pro-EU propaganda
forcing me to buy its unwanted product on pain of imprisonment

All these negative points do nothing to convince me that my licence fee is in any way justified. But then they go and do something that makes me hate the lazy socialist spongers even more!!

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Print Story I found a decent hill to sprint up
By gzt (Mon May 10, 2010 at 03:30:10 PM EST) gzt, tired, adrenal fatigue, final, battlestar galactica, bsg, viper, duck (all tags)
I thought there would be no hills around here because I am in the middle of one of the flattest cities ever made, but about half a mile from my apartment there is a decent hill in a park. It's not ideal, but it's good enough to sprint up a few times, and that's what's important. I'll do hill sprints once per week for a while.

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Print Story I miss Arby's Roast Beef sandwiches.

They're here, but they're not convenient, nahmean?

Poll: Select the best Krautrock band, win a prize! The prize is knowing that you have excellent selection skills.

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Print Story Who the fuck wanna die for their culture?
For real, I keeps it ill like a piece of blue steel
Pointed at your temple with the intent to kill
And end your existance
Ain't no use for resistance

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The Package has been received, I say again, the Package is in our possession.

Our Top Boffins are analysing Subject A as we speak.  It contains much of interest, although we may need to scale it down somewhat to fit Jockish pilots.

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