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So I have a mountain bike. A Specialized RockHopper Pro hardtail (2009/10 can't remember exactly).

Inspired by Bradley's success, and in a bid to get even fitter, and avoid the inevitable London Olympics fiasco/ineptidude/terrorist outrage, I feel the urge to escape the UK for a week or two on two wheels.

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I am annoying, I am not trying to troll but I end up trolling anyway. I think even Gandhi might want to take a punch at me if I wrote a comment to him. I'm also boring, nobody likes me because I am uninteresting. I have little to no interests in almost anything.

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By ni (Sun Aug 13, 2006 at 08:11:47 PM EST) moving, escaping this barren wasteland, advice, pantalon de ski (all tags)
Some brief thoughts on moving. Possibly the first real diary I've posted to husi.

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