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By Bartleby (Thu May 04, 2006 at 05:48:42 AM EST) media, Rossija, Polska, Deutschland, halleluja, reading, Vargas (all tags)
Stanisław Moniuszko (May 5, 1819 - June 4, 1872)

Yesterday, May 3, was World Press Freedom Day as well as a national holiday in Poland. To mark the occasion(s), I wrote a diary that then fell victim to a browser crash. Decided, at first, that that was probably a good thing. But what can I say? Live just isn't complete without those si tacuisses moments.

Word of the day, in honour of all you fine MFC folks:
afrocke, German (dial. Cologne): RTFO

Next installment to follow whenever I can come up with a good word with b-.

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