Print Story The wonderful BBC
Not content with being a haven for paedophiles,that incompetent bunch of overpaid, underworked Marxists just pissed £100million up the wall and have nothing to show for it.

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Print Story 2013 a new beginning......???
Well, it appears that we all survived the apocalypse, which means we should presumably make plans for the years ahead.

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Print Story I has anger. Let me show you it.

From SMS today:

"OJ killed a white woman. He walked. Kobe raped a white girl. He walked. Vick killed some dogs. He's going to jail. Lesson for the day: stick to hoes, and not to bitches."

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Welcome to the inaugural Public Transport Schedule Interpretation Fun Challenge (PTSIFC), in which I invite you to pit your wits against the vagaries of riding public transport in an unknown land.

The task is simple, and I will not subject you to the horrors of finding out which bus you have to take and where the bus stop is. No, for now, you merely have to devise an algorithm to determine how long you will have to wait until your bus or tram arrives. At your disposal is a schedule (example here) and your own wristwatch.

Solution under the fold.

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