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My laptop is falling apart.  When I say that, I really do mean that literally.  Speakers don't work, wireless card cracked and holding together by a thread, lcd hinge broken and held together literally by velcro.  Hard drive constantly fills logfiles up with i/o errors.  I've already replaced the screen and the keyboard on it.  AC adaptor held together with duct tape.  Pretty much the only thing it has going for it are my beloved dinosaur comic stickers.

So when I hear of these new Dellbuntu machines coming out, that's great news for me.  I don't have to shell out $50 to microsoft* and I really like Dell's new accidental warranty coverage (you can see why from the preceding paragraph).  I convince the lovely wife to let me get one, and so I try only to realize that Dell conveniently withdrew warranty support from these machines.

Inside: TV season finale reviews, and the word "fuck"

* which I hate so much

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