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By anonimouse (Mon Dec 11, 2017 at 12:39:51 PM EST) (all tags)
Sudden switch

Bad Mood

*Goodbye, Mother in Law, it's really slippy so don't go out today."

10 minutes from Mother In Law...

I've gone out to the shops and fallen over. I think I've broken my arm...

One trip to the hospital later

Doctor: Your Mother in law has broken her arm. I'll plaster it up and put it in a sling. Good job A&E is quiet today as no one can get in

*Le sigh*

Good Mood

I've been in my current job for a few months, but travelling in a triangle between the Midlands, Oxford and London is a PITA.

So I took advantage of the weather, claimed to be working from home (which I was and will be) and headed off for an interview at Prancing Horse Bank.

I was told there would be a technical test, which I hadn't prepared for, but I actually did really well in 90 minutes and was told not to look for any more jobs or extend my existing contract.

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