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By ana (Sun Aug 30, 2015 at 08:13:23 PM EST) allatonceness (all tags)
It was a busy week. I don't like busy weeks.

Lessee... what all...
  • Choir. Dress rehearsal Monday night, and a concert Wednesday night. The director left town on Friday for his new job at Berkeley.
  • Interviews. The other group that's also hiring is bringing in thirty (30!) people to interview. Many of them are local, so why not, but many of them are also officemates here... it's awkward. Our job is not like theirs, but some of the candidates might suit. So we're talking to several each week. And there's a special talk more or less every day.
  • One of those meetings across town with our collaborators at the other institution. Not that big a deal, but it's one more thing that takes up an afternoon.
  • Cat vet appointment. The tech thought it was kind of extreme that he dropped from 13 pounds to 10 and change in a year, so they ordered blood work. He's fine. A bit of gingivitis, possibly a heart murmur. We'll watch.
  • I forgot that it's next week I have to fill my prescriptions before Saturday, so I was all worried about doing it this week. Which was fine; the vet's office is just half a block from the pharmacy, but with stressed-out kitty in tow, um, no.
  • False alarm satellite anomaly Friday afternoon, during one of the daily talks (see above).
  • First in yet another series of meetings to do with yet another issue in satellite operations. I think we have a plan to nail this one, but it'll take some software development, and that's never pretty or quick.
  • Cat sitting. A couple visits in a week. They were fine. 
  • Went car shopping Saturday. Came home and apparently poked the "come and get me" button on truecar. The ensuing mass of calls and voicemails to delete unread crashed the phone app on my phone. Like, y'know, the core business of the phone, being a phone. The live salesdroid wanted to know why I bought a Saturn the last two times... this'd be why. No sharknado of sales people smelling blood in the water.
On the choir thing. It's remarkably hard to figure out where to put in the i if you miss it the first time through the word. Huh.

So recently former grad student from India came to the West, discovered and fell in love with Renaissance polyphony, studied hard and mastered the idiom. He's had pick-up choirs four of the summers he was here, and at least one (possibly two?) winter terms before handing off the winter thing to another guy. Hey, I do early music... it's fun and it's an interesting real-time math puzzle, not so very different from, say, a Rubik's cube. It'd be nice if the rehearsals didn't run right up to my bedtime and leave me too hyper to sleep, but hey, everybody's busy.

The first version of the program is on youtube, here. I've had several work-folk say they listened to it and liked it. The final program was also filmed and professionally recorded; perhaps it'll be out by the new year.

Towards the end of the summer I was tired of it, getting crankier. And I eventually figured out part of the reason. The overarching theme of the program was going on a trip, leaving behind the beloved, coming back, searching and not finding. Which is a little too close to home.

So I kinda pretended to have a good attitude, failed to answer the "are you excited!?!?" questions, and in fact the concert went remarkably well. He seems to have a talent for pulling the best run-through ever out of a group of singers at the final concert.

But I don't think I wanna do it again anytime soon. Maybe not ever. Which is sad.

And it's nigh on September. I should take some time off. But see above under interviewing.

And there's a writing contest at that I need to come up with a theme for Real Soon Now (it runs over the weekend closest to the Equinox).

I wanna sleep for a week.
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