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Why do people insist on trying to put square pegs into round holes?

There seems to be a trend these days of forcing people to approve/endorse stuff that they don't really approve of. As a libertarian this is a hateful kind of coercion I would like to see stopped.

 Can't people just accept that some people have bigoted traditional views, and let them get on with it? Why the constant need to try and stir the hornet's nest? And as a gay man/woman, why on earth would I subscribe to a religion which specifies that I deserve a harsh beating at beast, and to be thrown from a high building or cliff at worst.

It strikes me that a lot of effort is being wasted trying to reform so thing which is in it's core essence, unredeemable.

Its not just an islamic phenomenon either. There seems to be a concerted effort across the globe by a militant minority of homosexuals to force religions to become something they are not. I just don't understand it. Why would a gay person want to spend any time in the same room with a fundamentalist muslim or Christian is beyond me. (Unless they thought they might tap some fundamentalist ass, but how desperate is that?)

In my opinion the best way to address religious bigotry is to understand the source of the bigotry, which is more often then not the scripture. These religions are homophobic by definition. Don't waste time trying to change them. Ignore them if you can, and fight them if you have to.
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