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By muchagecko (Sun Sep 08, 2013 at 03:56:46 AM EST) (all tags)
Really - I don't know how they could go more wrong.

The boy's computer is in pieces on my dining room table. Waiting for a friend who unexpectedly took a 1 1/2 week vacation instead of finishing it.

The girl's computer has a new video card and power supply - and it still doesn't work. She doesn't know what she's done wrong.

My computer's PC partition will no longer work because my Mac OS no longer supports Vista. I just wanted to download trial software so I could be extra-prepared for an interview on Monday.

A friend loaned me his laptop - but the damn thing crashes randomly. It never did that when he used it, but he hasn't used it in several months.

One computer issue - is something I can deal with, BUT 4 DAMN computer issues and I'm ready to BLOW THEM ALL UP.

To all of my friends who follow that astrology shit - all these computer issues aren't happening during 'mercury retrograde'.
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(Windows) n/t

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