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By TexTriumph (Mon Apr 15, 2013 at 06:39:09 AM EST) (all tags)

I have searched through Tex's belongings and found the following to be published

-- Eduardo

Just when you thought it was safe...
Just when you thought it was sound...
Just when you thought you could live...


Dasteriodians - Episode 3
Return of the Dasteroidians and the Scuttler King.

What the press say:

"Erudite and unflinching. An arresting coup d'oeil of modern contempary life" -- The Sun.

"Salient in breadth and depth. A new literary benchmark." -- Daily Mail

"Piss poor" -- Literary Review

"It's truckin!!" -- Tex Triumph

A short interview with the reclusive author was granted in a secluded location.
"So, Mr. Triumph, uber-author and world's number one super-agent, why choose now to publish your long awaited memoirs."
"I felt that I had a gift to give, a vision to offer the world, per se. After many tireless nights the outcome was this inspiring book."
"Some critics have hailed your new book format as a break with tradition?"
"Yes, the new ten chapter format was indeed a relevation. However, every artist needs change, upheaval. Routine is the enemy  of the complacent."
"Widespread rumours on the internet appear to be insistent of a new character Commander Ludwig van Brocken. Do you care to confirm or deny?"
"It is well known that the internet harbours the lowest of the low, the seedy underbelly of society. I shall have no truck dealing with such people. This interview is terminated!"

Coming soon.....

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