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To his left, he knew that there was a small town, about ten minutes away on foot.  To his right, was nothing for about an hour and then there would be Jamestown, New York.  He went to his right.  Something was going down, and he wanted to be as far away as he could be.  The left side of the road was empty of strangers, so that was the side he walked on.

 It had been around three months since Jack had left the trailer with the dead guy, and the ever increasing amount of people streaming into said trailer. He was washing dishes now, in Jamestown, New York.  He had been at this job for six weeks now, he knew this because there were six empty bottles of Old GrandDad on the window sill of his small bedroom only apartment he rented from the guy who owned the pizza joint.  That was one bottle for each week he had been paid.  The pay was shit, the work was, well it was better than coming back to a trailer and finding a dead guy, that was for damn sure.

"Yo, Jack, heads up, boss man just walked in."  The short order cook, with who Jack was not all that friendly, yelled as he finished up yet another order for a cheese pie.  The cook had this idea that Jack and the boss man didn't get along.  Jack didn't get along with anyone, not since the trailer incident, and that suited him well enough. Jack nodded and continued washing the lunch rush dishes.

The boss man, walked around the front of the place, talking to a few of the regulars and then he made his way to the kitchen.  Jack was actually pretty much done with the dishes at this point, and since he had been on shift since AM, he was ready to head off for a nap before coming back to wash until close.

"Sal, how's the orders been?"  The boss man asked the cook.  The cook looked up from the stove, and smiled.

"Honest to Christ, people just love the steak salads."  He said.

"And the pizzas?"

"Same as usual, mostly slices here and there, and a few pies for the guys down at the fire hall"  The boss man nodded.  He walked by the bucket that held the pepperonis, pre-sliced, and grabbed a handful.

"I'm going to be out of town for a few days, you can handle the kitchen, right?"  He asked.  The cooked nodded.

"Sure can, boss."

"And Jack, you'll be okay?  I should be back, let me see today is Tuesday, I should be back Saturday at the latest, see one of the gal's up front for your check."  Sal said.

"Yeah, I'll be fine."  Jack said.  Jack double checked that all the lunch dishes were cleaned up and he undid his apron.  "I'm heading out for a few to catch some sleep, I'll be back in time for the late rush."  The cook didn't acknowledge, and Sal sorta just nodded.  Jack waited a few seconds and then walked out the back door, grabbing his coat off the nail by the freezer door.  The place was okay, the pay was crappy, the people were sort of odd.  Sal was out of the area more than he was in the area.  The pizza place was busy and Jack got paid, got drunk from time to time, and once or twice had laid a few of the townies. 

The alley behind the pizza joint was filled with overflowing dumpsters, collection was not until Wednesday.  Jack walked down the middle of the dirt roadway, the wafting of rotten garbage filling his nostrils.  His bedroom apartment, with shared bath was three blocks down, two block to the right.  The bar with the cheap beer was three blocks down, one block to the left.  He reached into his pocket and knew he'd be making a left after his shift tonight.  A cat ran out from one of the many over turned garbage cans, a rat a bit larger than the cat was chasing it. 

Jack shuffled on.

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