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By anonimouse (Tue Sep 04, 2012 at 05:23:39 AM EST) (all tags)
The rain in Spain falls mainly on Cornwall.

Now with extra lion content, because everyone knows anonimouse is a lion *&^%

Came back from work in Berkshire back to the Midlands at about 8pm and set out for Cornwall at 11:45pm. The cunning plan was that we'd travel most of the way overnight to avoid any large amounts of holiday traffic. Got down to the border of Cornwall for about 6pm, including a 1 hour rest break and then waited for daylight proper, only to find that the weather had decided to produce the traditional Bank Holiday Downpour and floods.

We drove along the coast, covering The Lizard and Lands End, with Penzance, Newlyn and Mousehole in between, at each location  getting out to sample the Wonderful Cornish WeatherTM.

The following day we went to the Seal Sanctuary in Gweek1 which also seems to have gained a number of other animals including penguins and otters. This coincided with the day the Essex Lion was allegedly roaming the country, so a lot of otterly ottrocious jokes were left lion around.
I claimed bonus points for guessing that it was a Maine Coon, as indeed turned out to be the likely suspect.

On Tuesday, I went to go and see The Terrorists at the sekret base, but it seemed that there had been a miscommunication in the coded messages and they had gone away for the day.

Mrs Mouse and the Minimice explored Truro, managing to get totally bored despite the historic buildings and other stuff. Just to top it off, I got a phonecall from Mrs Mouses phone, not by Mrs Mouse herself because she'd managed to leave it in a cafe.

On Thursday, I went to Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station, which appears to be in decline, but fun was had watching the Segway's zip around the site, whilst drinking coffee and asking my previous manager nicely to sign my work off so I could get paid.

I had to survive a week without the internets, but at the same time I had a job to complete and several thousand spondoolies were available for completing it, so this was resolved by morning coffee/ lemonade sessions at the local pub. This must be the first holiday where I've come back better off than I went.

The Minimice were also bereft without the internets, but due to accidentally taking them to the pub one day, found out that darts was a passable substitute

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interwebs-free holidays... by bobdole (4.00 / 1) #1 Wed Sep 05, 2012 at 03:43:30 AM EST
...not my thing. Italy just fleeced me for €70 for 7 days of crappy wifi. Yey, still worth it.
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