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By purr (Wed Jul 04, 2012 at 05:53:57 AM EST) (all tags)
Every day is a good day, but just some days are better.

I called my sister tonight.  She has had the surgery to remove cancer (which I didn't know about until tonight). And she has already had her first chemo treatment. The chemo treatment went really bad. She had the treatment on Wednesday and today was her first full day back to work. She was sick and feeling really awful for 6 days after treatment. It's a good thing treatments are every other week.

Her husband and son do not come back from Afghanistan until the first of September. So she needs help for the rest of the treatments until he gets home.  We divided the dates out between the women relatives to help. I go to her house August 8th, Wednesday until Sunday. My 12 year-old wants to go and help her too. I thought that was sweet of her.

My sister's good news is that her other son who is home with her right now, got offered a partial scholarship to Durham University in Durham. My nephew has also been recruited to the Lacross team and  he will be working toward his Masters degree.  I am so proud of him.

My daughter actually past the 6th grade though barely. Her final report card was rediculous. She had an A in Science, A in French, A in Spanish, A in Dance, then she had C for PE/Health class, D in Social Studies, D in Honors Math, D in Language Arts and D in Keyboarding.  Health Class she hated and PE she liked. Then to top it all off, her end of grade testing was pretty high in Math and Language Arts. I love my child but she can be really stubborn and lazy at times.

Good news about her is that she is really doing well in swimming. She has so far only been in the summer league which starts May 14 and ends this coming weekend with the championship meet Saturday. This is her first year swimming the 50 meters laps.  She has really done well.

In her age group, she is only second to an older girl who swam year round this past year.  Our team swims against 3 other neighborhoods and our team has consistantly been the bottom team, except for last year. This year our girls are a strong team. My daughters Medley Relay (she swims butterfly) has beat all 3 teams for first place. And she has been placing in butterfly and backstroke every meet.  She even did her first Individual Medley and placed 5th.  I am proud of her and glad to hear that she wants to swim year round.  I think if she does she will get on the High School Swim Team.

I am awake at 5 in the morning because I am coughing my head off. I'm sick and I don't like it.  This is my second night in a row of not sleeping well.

I got good news. I am being hired.  Not for the amount of money I want but I'm ok with it.  I go for my drug screening and background check Thursday. I hope those skeletons in my closet are hidden really well. just kidding.

Have a good day because every day you are alive is a good day.
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