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By Mrs FlightTest (Thu Feb 23, 2012 at 01:13:55 PM EST) (all tags)

It has been forever since I have been on here.

So much has happened.

In a nutshell: Our daughter left, Hurt my back, Filed Workers Comp, Lost my job, Lost my M-i-L, Hubby got a promotion, Our daughter came home.

Our daughter left:

Short history on this is we were unable to have kids of our own (I'm broken) so decided to adopt.  A girl was placed in our home under the fost/adopt program just before she turned 16.  Not quite a year later the adoption was final ~ we were even given a new birth certificate with our names listed as the parents.  Shortly after her 18th birthday she decided she was tired of our rules so went to live with her biological family.  She eventually realized that it was a big mistake.  Daily fights in the home, roaches, fleas, cats & dogs peeing on everything, chewing stuff up, selling of her belongings to "help with the expenses" since she had no income.  Now she is 20 and home again.  To say the least it is a huge adjustment for all of us.  We have once again begun family therapy and hopefully will have some good results.

Hurt my back:

Early 2010 I started having sciatica pain off and on.  Over time it became severe and radiated down my right leg all the way to my foot.  I was in so much pain from this I was hospitalized for a few days.  An MRI of my back revealed an 8mm disc extrusion at L5-S1.  This was likely due to my repetitive twisting, improper posture and non-ergonomic confined workspace I had done for the 4 years I had been working for the Bitch.  Two years later and I am still not completely recovered.  I go to Physical Therapy twice a week trying to build up my core strength and learning correct biomechanical movements so that I don't re-injure myself.  I want to get back to working out on a regular basis with a trainer and get my life back.  Fortunately I ended up not needing the surgery that had been recommended to me in August of 2010.  The extrusion has shrunk to a mere 6mm and is no longer directly pressing on the nerve that caused all the butt, leg & foot pain, however, the doctor did say the nerve is still impinged meaning that the extrusion is still touching my nerve, just not enough to cause the pain.  I am no longer using a walker or even a cane but still have very little endurance for sitting or standing for long periods of time.  The Physical Therapist is helping me to work on that.

Filed Workers Comp:

I had inquired as to whether or not extreme stress on the job could cause bowel issues, crying fits, & fits of rage.  The lawyer contacted me immediately and sent someone out to my home to take a report.  This was considered a cumulative trauma that started in Nov of 2008 when the Bitch and her business partner parted ways.  Since the stress went up for the boss with the way that things trickle down in life, I was hit hard.  Shortly after filing my workers comp claim, I had a work injury where a patient (autistic child) got away from his therapist and made it into my office managing in a matter of seconds to get the fire extinguisher unlocked and set off.  This was only a few inches from my desk (which due to the confined work space allowed only one way to get in & out of my desk) causing me to inhale some of the fine powdery dust that was expelled by it.  A coughing fit ensued even though I had put a tissue over my mouth and nose as quickly as I could.  I went outside trying to get the coughing to stop.  After about 5 minutes of coughing I decided I should go see a doctor, so went to find the Bitch and ask her where I could go for medical attention since this was clearly a work injury.  The coldhearted Bitch had absolutely no compassion whatsoever and simply accused me by saying, "Why did you stay there and breath it?"   

Lost my job:

As soon as I was released from the doctors care for this fire extinguisher incident I was fired.  There is no way to prove I was fired for filing a workers compensation claim so I didn't even bother to try. Not until the 2nd deposition did I realize how much stress the Bitch caused me.  The moment she walked into the room (she did not attend the first depo so was not expecting her to show at the second) my stomach churned feeling like it had been turned inside out, I thought I was going to vomit, I had a hot flash and was shaking just a little.  My attorney took me outside and explained that the Bitch had every right to be there, but that she was not allowed to ask me anything.  I did my best not to look at her but it was pretty difficult since she was sitting next to her attorney across the table from me.  The Bitch sat there for the full 3 hours scribbling on her notepad and whispering into the ear of her attorney.  They tried to suggest that the stress of adopting a teenager caused me to have poor performance on my job leading to my termination.  I later realized that what had really happened was that the stress at work was so bad, it prevented me from being a good mother to my daughter as I had no patience by the time I got home at night and was always feeling pressured at work.  I would come home drained and just one word or roll of the eyes could set me off.

Lost my Mother-in-Law:

She was a wonderful woman and I loved her dearly.  I was honored to have her as my mother-in-law.  She had a great sense of humor so although it was quite a surprise to lose her so suddenly ( she had been in a nursing home and seemed to be doing much better with hopes of coming home for at least visits) it was a bit comical that she managed to die on April Fools day!!  I actually sent a text message to a friend (not thinking about the date) telling them of my loss and they messaged back that I had made a sick joke and it was in really bad taste.  Needless to say they felt awful when I wrote back that it was in no way a joke.

Hubby got a promotion:

FT always works hard and gives it his all but is often not recognized for his efforts.  Fortunately where he works now, his immediate boss notices just how hard he does work.  He has finally been promoted to a supervisory position and has an office and everything!!  I am soooo proud of him.  He is enjoying his work, learning new things and gaining responsibilities.  It is good to see him happy in his job for a change.  He still has the occasional rant about something someone has done or not done as the case may be, but overall he seems pretty satisfied with his job.  I wish we could all be that satisfied with our jobs.

Our daughter came home:

After almost 2 years of living with her biological family, our prodigal daughter has returned.  The saddest part about this whole thing is that she has come home with less than she had when she was first placed with us.  So many of her belongings were lost, stolen, ruined or sold.  Even the bicycle we had given her for her graduation present was "stolen"  although we aren't really convinced that is what happened (we think either her dad or brother sold it ) it really doesn't matter, in any case it is sad that she has lost so much as a direct result of her poor choices and all we could do was stand by helplessly and watch.  This was a very hard lesson for her and I am not convinced it completely sunk in and she may need to pee on the proverbial electric fence a few more times before it sinks in and stays with her.

We have started therapy as a family again and I am hopeful that this will help.  There is a very good chance she will need some one-on-one therapy and possibly even a visit with the psychiatrist.  She has been through a lot in her short 20 years.

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Yay! by yankeehack (4.00 / 2) #1 Thu Feb 23, 2012 at 02:31:26 PM EST
Happy to see you on here again! That is terrific news about your daughter. Baby steps, baby steps.
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Thanks for the welcome back by Mrs FlightTest (2.00 / 0) #3 Sat Feb 25, 2012 at 03:35:38 PM EST
I really didn't think anyone would remember me.....but then again I guess hubby has been filling you all in on stuff happening on the homefront.

Wheeee...Flyin' is Fun!!
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HI!! by StackyMcRacky (4.00 / 1) #2 Thu Feb 23, 2012 at 04:16:58 PM EST
Glad you're back, we've missed you posting!

Sounds like overall, things are fairly positive.  Glad the daughter is back, and I hope everything is getting back on track!

Things.... by Mrs FlightTest (2.00 / 0) #4 Sat Feb 25, 2012 at 03:38:01 PM EST

Well things could be better.... we could be lotto winners!!!  Oh wait, you have to buy a ticket for that don't you!

Hoping that the new family therapist will be able to get somewhere with our daughter.  Time will tell.  Thanks for the welcome back!

Wheeee...Flyin' is Fun!!
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welcome back! by LoppEar (2.00 / 0) #5 Thu Mar 01, 2012 at 06:11:30 PM EST
Sounds like you're on a good trajectory, and in good spirits, so that lifted my day.


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