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By codemonkey uk (Mon Dec 31, 2012 at 03:32:37 AM EST) (all tags)
Christmas indulgence edition.

Food Diary

Monday (Xmas eve)
Wheetabix, banana, 0% yoghurt.
Nākt bar (orange & cocoa).
Spinach & ricotta tortellini with green pesto.
2x small pieces pizza bagel.
2x sticky quorn fillet w/ sautéed veg. Small beer.
Chocolates (4-5?)
Pringles. Honey dew ale.

Tuesday (Xmas day)
3 choc chip brioche, black coffee. 2 snickers celebrations minis.
Slice quiche.
Roast quorn, potatoes, sweet potato, parsnip, & squash with stuffing, boiled broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower & gravy.
Christmas pudding w/ brandy cream.
Peanuts. Orange. Small beer.
Protopure protein bar.

Wednesday (Boxing day)
Wheetabix, banana, 0% yoghurt.  Green tea.
Two helpings of mums epic Xmas lunch and two helpings of desert.
And dinner: egg mayo, cheese, bread, salad, mince pie.
2 chocolates.

Thursday (27th)
2x shredded wheat w/ semi.
Apple juice. Protein bar.
Omelette (Christmas roast leftovers). Big glass apple juice. 1 slice buttered bread.
1 finger of twix.
Lentil tomato Aubergine curry w/ rice. Small beer. 3 chocolates.
Chocolate pudding.
Cold roast potato & boiled egg.

Friday (28th)
Scrambled 2x egg on wholemeal bagel w/ butter.
2 Quorn sausages w/ left over roast potato, parsnip, & sweet potato. Boiled egg. Slice of Christmas cake. 2x Rice-crispy square.
Chinese mushroom curry with boiled rice & veg. spring rolls.
2x chocolate.

Saturday (29th)
Sliced apple & orange, 0% yoghurt. Tea.
 Quorn, egg, cucumber, celery & red pepper salad.
Mini cupcake.
Jacket potato & low fat pineapple cottage cheese. 4x chocolates.

Sunday (30th)
Banana, apple juice, protein bar.
Quorn & Onion Omelette with salad.
2x Blue bolt zero drink.
Big/greasy "Garden" Burger, chips, onion rings, appletize, salad, coleslaw.
10+ "quality street".
3-4 grolsh.

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