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By LoppEar (Mon Oct 08, 2012 at 10:40:58 PM EST) (all tags)
Oh dear this life thing flies on by... six weeks in Philadelphia. Our first real weekend at home in that time. And that's not all.

Lying on my back in the sun. Park trees filter the spring sun and wave. I walked over here to draw, but I'm on day three of a violent stomach flu and the sun feels better with my eyes closed. I'm listening to commentary on the just-decided Citizens United case. My stomach aches and my head spins.


We knew we had nice neighbors in this 4-unit building, but this weekend one of them threw a party and invited us. (Perhaps a birthday party? Unclear, on many layers, though there was cake.) Somewhat awkward first hour, baseball games and their space though much much larger than ours is quite oddly laid out on three levels. And carpeted. Luckily, the other nice neighbor showed up and we could chat with him while trying to figure out the pasts of the other guests. The hosts are probably a year or two younger than me, and the other neighor perhaps closer to my wife's age, another professor. He pleasantly berated me for not riding the bike I've left in the basement since we moved. Promises of beer pong coming up, we graciously departed.

And decided to explore our neighborhood bars. Or out to the river. Lots of adrenaline from uncertain social interaction, why not some more. A bar we'd visited before on an afternoon, now a busy smoke-filled basement buzz. Not going to make a smoking bar my regular haunt, we moved on up the street towards home. One more, quieter. Slightly too-talkative bartender makes a fine manhattan, perhaps is just talkative because she's friends with the other couple at our end of the bar. Another professor, also teaches over in New Jersey. Pleasant folks. The academics traded numbers.

I went back later for beer pong. Woke up in the tub, but it was my own tub.


In the passenger seat of my good friend's mother's boyfriend's car, racing through the dark for hours along the coast south of Rio. Lulu's been learning english for a while now, or just a little while. We've never bothered to learn Portguese. We can talk about music and we can talk about the ocean. Hear, a band you might like. Very famous here. The warm air and the music embrace.


We travelled back to Wisconsin for a rush trip last weekend, a wedding: church and supper club and all. So good to see friends, so good to be going through a good round of weddings of truly happy people. In truth, that's always been the norm, but intervening was a period of dissolutions, though only a few were surprises.

So many happy people, even an uncooperative DJ couldn't spoil the dancing fun. But too short, always too short for the friends who came from all over and are so happy for the newlyweds but also so happy to all be together again. Fall arrived in Wisconsin while we were gone, I think the New England trees will be hard pressed to beat the electric colors of Manitowoc from last weekend.


Rope swings are made for climbing up, and swinging free of at their furthest. Always disappointed that I can't do both at the same time. Hand over hand to get to the top, love the view from above, but you're stuck: the fun of running and flinging requires sliding down.


Wrapped this weekend up with a trip to the quite lovely Mann Center in Philadelphia. Nominally day two of a Disco Biscuits show, but I have no love for them. Clearly I was fairly alone among the audience for that - almost no one at the afternoon sets for Papadosio, Ott, and Paper Diamond - front row without any effort. But getting packed as we left just before the Biscuits were due. No harm, I got exactly what I needed, plenty of dancing. Ott and his laidback band were absolutely blissful, as people and in what they do.

We should do something. I'm feeling settled in here.

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