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By ana (Tue Sep 06, 2011 at 05:55:50 PM EST) teeths--I haz them. (all tags)
How bout that. 

 Dental appointment today was the only thing on my calendar, except lunch with toxicfur, who works two blocks from the office, so why not. Beside, she gave me pointers on ordering from the otherwise bewildering array of stuff on the sushi menu. Tasty. And the company was good.

In the spring, in my first series of dental appointments in what must be a decade or so, i had 2 cavities filled, my one existing filling replaced, and oh yeah, you really should be seeing a periodontist. On toxicfur's recommendation, I was at the Tufts Dental School faculty practice, so the regular dentist took me by the elbow across the suite to the periodontist who was there that day, who sat me down and measured my pockets. Much tut-tutting about how they're deeper than they'd like (and you thought deep pockets were a good thing...).

So she did deep cleanings of my molars at the gum line and below, under local anesthesia. I must say, they do a good job with pain management there. I hardly felt a thing, and she even managed my hyperactive tongue and gag reflex well. And I got lessons on how to use dental floss without flaying myself.

Today, after a change of periodontists and two postponements, I got a checkup. The numbers are all substantially smaller; some of them should be smaller yet, but maybe there's progress. So come back for a professional cleaning and more measurements and keep on with the brushing & flossing thing.

That's really good news.

My parents are 30 years older than I am, and it'd be seriously cool if my natural teeth last that long.

Otherwise, how are things? Uh... okay, kinda sorta mostly. I took this week off work (see above under "only thing on the calendar") in part because of all the anniversaries. Trying to get things moving in my life again. I think tomorrow's fun might include a visit to a new independent coffee shop in my town, ditto bakery, and the pharmacy. I can perhaps spend some time writing in the coffee shoppe.

And then, we'll see what we see.

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Sounds like a great day off! by clock (4.00 / 2) #1 Tue Sep 06, 2011 at 06:38:16 PM EST
Write some in the coffee shoppe for me!

I agree with clock entirely --Kellnerin

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