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By riceowlguy (Tue Jul 05, 2011 at 10:05:37 AM EST) (all tags)
and I'm ready for the final push to showtime.

I put my three day weekend (with only one rehearsal in the middle) to good use.  Got lots of extra sleep, got plenty of exercise, made a lot of healthy meals in advance to prepare for this week, and I even managed to solve a few nagging house issues.

Friday night's rehearsal (the first time we ran the whole show front to back more or less without stopping) I had a bit of a short sharp shock.  The guy playing Pooh-Bah was ill, and the guy who is playing Pish-Tush is his understudy.  I am the understudy for Pish-Tush.  So, we both had to go perform our understudy roles.  I did pretty well (very well, some folks told me - I have the songs and the dialogue down cold, I just want to be perfect on all the blocking) and it was good to get a test run at it.  At Sunday's rehearsal, which was a double run of Act I, where most of Pish-Tush's stuff is, same situation, so I basically got two more runs at it.  I now have no excuse for not being perfect.  Tonight's rehearsal is the official run for ALL the understudies, so it will be a little chaotic, but I hope to maintain the same level of performance throughout.

Having the knowledge that I am totally prepared to go on and perform my understudy role is a huge relief.  I am not exactly looking forward to the next week and a half, but I am no longer stressing about it. 

Saturday morning I did my longest bike ride yet, 30+ miles around Houston, early enough that neither the sun nor traffic was a problem.  Felt good to get that out of the way.  I then pretty much went back to sleep for another three hours.  My other major accomplishment Saturday was to solve one of my first world problems, namely that I suddenly realized that all the wine I had spent so much time and mental energy and money accumulating this past year was probably being rapidly damaged by being stored in my living room at 80-84 degrees Fahrenheit.  I had been vaguely considering refrigerated wine storage options for a while, but this week I suddenly felt more urgency for whatever reason.  I ended up getting probably the cheapest and most short-term option; an off-brand Vissani "52 bottle" model (which is probably only true if they are all the long thin kind so they all stack nicely together - I probably managed to fit 40 or so in there before I ran out of space) from Home Depot.  I did some online research on my phone there in the store before getting it, because it seemed so cheap compared to what I'd seen before, and the reviews mainly focused on the fact that it wouldn't store quite 52 bottles, and there wasn't a digital temperature display or humidity control, but otherwise it worked fine.  No horror stories about short-term failures.  I can already tell that I will want to start saving up some cash and planning to replace it, more or less before next summer I think.  My main complaints are that it is noisy (both in general when the compressor is running, and specifically when the compressor shuts off there is a loud popping sound, which was described in the reviews so I'm not concerned about it...just annoyed), and the way you have to stack things on the non-slide-out shelves means that I can guess that it will be really really difficult to find the bottle I may be looking for.

I had to replace my heart rate monitor this weekend.  The one I replaced lasted six years and I probably have never gotten as much utility out of any other gadget I've ever bought, so I had no problem buying another one.  This one had a few new features, like a more washable chest strap, and calories burned.  I would like to believe in the accuracy of the calories burned.  If so, I burn about 700 in an hour of tennis.  Probably best not to take that too seriously.

I am slowly improving with the 100 pushup program, I just started week three.  You re-test every two weeks (doing as many pushups in a row as possible).  I did 20 on my initial test and 25 on my re-test.  So, as I said, slowly improving.  Maybe I'll be able to do 100 in a row in two years.  At least this morning I was able to get through the program without my neck/upper back giving me grief, which it had been doing all weekend since Friday morning.

Less than a week before the Ben Does Life Tour 5K.  I haven't run a full 5K all week, but I'm confident I'll be able to when the time comes.  I've tried several times to do it after my morning tennis routine and I never seem to be able to.  I'm assuming that is because, as I still can't jog (even very slowly) after tennis without my heart rate going up into the aerobic zone, I am completely out of stored glycogen at that point and hit the wall.  Anyway, I think Thursday morning I will make myself get out there and do 5k just to remind myself that I can, and then rest up before Sunday morning.

Finally, here is the latest three-month snapshot of my weight.  Not perfect but still trending in the right direction.

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