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By ana (Thu Oct 06, 2011 at 03:06:25 PM EST) accomplishment--i haz it. (all tags)
it's submitted. 

 Two deadlines this week.

One, for the annual updates to the book-length document that describes the observatory for potential proposers. It's included by reference in the call for proposals, so there's some legal teeth in getting it right. Not that people sue anybody about issues astronomical, but still.  I sent in the required list of changes we will be making this year, with, in 3 of the 6 cases, actual text. Wee. The rest is due in a couple weeks.

Secondly, I've been fitting residuals to the gains of the CCDs in a rather obscure mode, for, oh, going on two years now. I have results. So yesterday and today I sat down and did some scribbling on a yellow quad-ruled pad and figured out what we should do with those results (divide by the fitted function to get rid of the observed trends). And what to do about the step-glitch introduced one day in 2005 by changing the bias computation (which helps avoid being confused by cosmic rays).

I sent that to the guy who babysits the calibration database this afternoon.

Woo! Accomplishment.

I survived a trip to the vet, with only one 2" gash on my neck, from an ill-considered strategy (hey! I found it on the intarwebs) for getting him into the cat carrier. He was pretty spooked, but his health is good, except for his teeth. So next week we go in again, they'll put him under, and clean his teeth. And then teach me how to brush them and/or prescribe expensive food that comes in big kibbles with an abrasive agent mixed in. He's not going to be amused by missing dinner and then going to the vet. Oh, no, preciousssss.

It's October, before a November that looks to have abundant personal time. I should be plotting a novel. As usual, I have some characters, but not much of a conflict. I herded them into a trainwreck in some shorter stuff I've written, but decided I didn't want to write about family law in Virginia. Rewind, rinse, repeat, hoping they go in a different direction.

A couple times in the past month I've gone to the monastery down by the river, half a mile (if that) from my office, for a mid-week Mass. It's remarkably peaceful there. I miss the long walks ending up in an empty church that I used to go on (while thinking about mathematics proofs, typically) when I was an undergraduate. Sundays are too busy with choir and the bookstall for any serious contemplative life.

And that's it. I'm out.

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NaNo by dev trash (2.00 / 0) #1 Fri Oct 07, 2011 at 10:16:17 PM EST
I've had the first line of my first chapter in my head since July?  Granted I am reminded of it every time I see a toilet.

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