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By Breaker (Sat Jan 29, 2011 at 05:38:00 AM EST) (all tags)
The babies out of Special Care, and they're like, it's better than yours.

MBW's milk is in.

MicroBreaker fed exclusively from MBW this morning from 5am.  Fingers crossed, his blood sugar will be stable and above the worry line.

/me does the happy happy dance, and I might just have a small but manly tear in my eye for a short time.


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Wet the baby's head, sir ? by Phage (4.00 / 1) #1 Sat Jan 29, 2011 at 10:12:37 AM EST
When you have a free moment.
(which, by my calculations should be around 2020.)

Also my Son v1.0 by Phage (2.00 / 0) #2 Sat Jan 29, 2011 at 10:21:00 AM EST
was in intensive care for a while as a baby with a blown intussecption of the colon.

He was/is huge, and I still remember him being cuddled to sleep by a tiny Philipino nurse in the paedatric ICU at Westmead. With his head on her shoulder, his little round feet came to her mid-thigh.
Nonetheless she shouldered the small pink hippo, and rocked him till he slept. An image that I'll never forget.
It was also the nurses who alerted the pain team and got them to turn the morphine down as it was over-stimulating his heart.

That's a lot of baby! by Breaker (2.00 / 0) #3 Sat Jan 29, 2011 at 05:07:52 PM EST
Beers - soon.  Let me get my house in order first!

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Currently by Phage (2.00 / 0) #4 Mon Jan 31, 2011 at 03:34:36 AM EST
6'4" at 17.

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That's by Breaker (2.00 / 0) #5 Tue Feb 01, 2011 at 06:53:48 AM EST
A lot of teenager!

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I'm considering buying by Phage (2.00 / 0) #6 Tue Feb 01, 2011 at 09:50:58 AM EST
Some sort of harness and getting some ploughing done.

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Or find some very tall hedges by Breaker (2.00 / 0) #7 Tue Feb 01, 2011 at 10:35:26 AM EST
That need trimming!

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