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By nightflameblue (Wed Jun 02, 2010 at 12:47:13 PM EST) (all tags)
You know, the one that just ran me over?

Office rambling and reef tank talk inside.

Way too many late nights and early mornings in a row. I ain't used to this shit anymore. But, frankly, I had things that needed done and I was gonna get them done.


Well, not really, but the hard part is. Walls and ceiling painted, carpet laid. All that's left is to build the desk. Which means tonight is decisions, decisions, drawings, plans, more decisions. Oh, and sorting shit in boxes.

I threw away a TON of useless shit this weekend. I'll throw away a ton more over the next few days. If it ain't useful, it has three options:

  1. Give away to someone else.
  2. Trash.
  3. In the yard with a random price on it and hope it gets stolen. Because anything in this neighborhood with a "free" sign on it sits forever. But $150 signs on complete shit makes it disappear instantly.

I am done with the stash of shit I'll never use again.

UPDATE BEFORE POST: Dad just took back his old college days stereo. It's big and powerful and WAY TOO GODDAMN BASSY TO BE ANY GOOD FOR MIXING WITH. And overkill for my little bitty room. YAY! Less shit for me.

I kinda dig the manual labor aspect of this whole project thus far. I don't get near enough of that in my life. Though, to be completely honest, the pain in every square inch of my body this morning tells me I may not be able to handle it all the time anymore. I suppose I'd develop a tolerance at some point. Likely right before the entire project is done.

So, studio desk time. I need the following functions served:

  • Space for iMac and second monitor at eye level when sitting or slightly higher. Because I'd rather look up than down.
  • Space for audio monitors at eye level.
  • Large open surface at standard desk height to hold MIDI keyboard, PODxt, GT-10, violin preamp, mic pre, and other various musical bits.
  • Fold out keyboard/mouse tray under main work surface.
  • Stool for guitfiddling. Screw this desk chair crap. That hasn't been working for years.

Now, the way things have fallen into place, the iMac is pretty much my music machine with picture backups on it, while my MacBook has become my main writing and picture edit machine. So I'm thinking a secondary space for the MacBook with a large work surface for drawing. Slap the scanner down on one side, the big printer on the other, Macbook in the middle and leave room for the planned addons. There's where the desk chair goes. Which can also be used for swapping in during mix time. That'll pretty much eat the back wall. But, in doing so, it will leave "the cubby" as Mrs. NFB calls it, almost completely open. It hasn't been open in years. There will be my photo setup.

Now that I've laid that all out, it'll all change by mid day. Well, some of it probably will. The studio desk though, that's pretty well set. Not sure what will actually happen with the MacBook add-on desk. It'd be cool, but may eat too much space. We'll see I guess. It's a small room.

The dogs keep walking into the office, looking around, and wagging their tails. Not sure why, but it seems to make them happy. I suppose it's the dark colors. Makes them feel at home. Does the same for me I guess. The cats are utterly obsessed with it. Miss Kitten keeps sleeping in the old desk chair. Mr. Kitten likes curling up in the corner. And Kitty2 is all about sprawling in the biggest open space on the new carpet. It's black, he's white. And that boy can sprawl.

I've got just enough carpet left I'm thinking of using it to build up an iso-booth for a nice speaker setup for a guitar amp at some point in the future. Possibly, maybe, dunno.

Too many projects right now. All waiting for this room to be done. The dream of a dedicated studio space is almost real to me now. No more card tables and cords everywhere. Organization within my grasp! Gat damn.

Been spending a little time just watching the little reef over the past week or so. I keep seeing new things. Almost every day something new pops up that I haven't seen before.

There's a little colony of micro-featherdusters growing in the middle channel along the left most edge of the right rock formation. They're so tiny I don't even know if I could get a picture of them, and they're a little hidden from good camera view angles. I see them poke their little tiny mops out, hang in the current, then pull back in. Over and over again. Sometimes multiple times in an hour. I suppose it takes a lot of microscopic types of food to keep those little buggers fed.

The non-swimming pod population has exploded in the last two weeks. Focus for a few seconds on any spot, and you're bound to see a few crawlers popping in and out of the little holes in the rock. Joining them has been a surprisingly active group of various worms. I've seen worm trails in the sand along the front glass since about the third day the rock has been in the tank. But only recently have I seen the worms actually crawling around the surface and on the rocks themselves. Several different types. A bright red bristleworm spotted three times so far. A small, mostly gray with white bands worm that moves much like an earthworm. Seen him most every day lately. A couple others with mottled patterns that look like they would fit right in grazing the rock in between some corals when the time comes. And there's been a small group of very tiny white snails show up seemingly out of nowhere. They seem to be everywhere, and there seems to be more of them every day.

And the hermits of course, constantly working to clean the rock and the sand. The starfish seems to have taken to hanging out on the back wall, eating the little vegetation that's popped up back there. I pretty much don't clean the back or side walls, prefering to let nature take its course there. The front glass gets scraped weekly to keep it from growing over with any sort of algae or other life forms. The back glass though is getting very interesting. The colors are horrorific yet, but I can see small patches of coraline algae starting to surface here and there in purple and red. Can't wait for that to take over the brown and off-white uglies.

Lots of life going on in such a small space. And everybody seems fat and happy so far. I've been feeding frozen reef plankton every other day, switching between AM/lights out feeding, and PM/lights on feeding so everybody gets a shot. That seemed to be when the featherdusters started to show up, or at least when I noticed them feeding, and when the snail and pod population started to grow.

I feel like I'm going to need to be careful with coral placement when the time comes. I don't want to knock out the featherduster colony nor the multi-colored sponges I've seen clinging to the rocks lately. I'm still glad I'm taking this whole thing slowly and letting the natural populations do their thing before going into stocking mode. I'm getting to watch a lot of stuff happen that either wouldn't happen or I wouldn't notice if I had bigger life forms in there right away. And of course, the pervasive rule of reefkeeping. Nothing good happens fast. Even in the tiniest of tanks, it's all about time and patience.

I honestly feel, despite the work that goes into it, that I should have done this years ago. So much enjoyment in just sitting and staring at the little ocean in the living room for a few minutes every night.

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Well done on the getting shit done front. by ambrosen (2.00 / 0) #1 Wed Jun 02, 2010 at 01:37:01 PM EST
I also am run over by a truck. As much for a cold as getting shit done.

I love hearing about your sea tank. If it's not an impertinent question, how much time have you spent by the sea in your life? I know enough about the plains to know that it's an awful long way from there to the ocean. I love the detail and description you give to it. And also a sense of excitement that makes it sound as if you've never really had the chance to spend an afternoon staring into a rock pool.

It's been a long time. by nightflameblue (2.00 / 0) #2 Wed Jun 02, 2010 at 01:43:11 PM EST
Last time I was near the ocean would have been back on my school trip in orchestra. So, sixteen, seventeen years? Something like that. And there wasn't a whole lot of time to spend just staring into the water. You know how busy groups of kids can be.

Before that the only time I spent near the ocean at all was the winter that freeze records were set in Florida and they lost the orange crop. It wasn't that cold to us at the time, but it was cool enough to keep us away from the water mostly.

I am seriously excited about this little tank. Not just because it's a chance to see things I've never seen before, but also because I've wanted to do a reef/live rock based saltwater tank since I was a kid. Just one of those things I never got around to. I've been marking a lot of those types of things off the proverbial list over the last couple years. Almost all of them have ended up being better or more fun than I thought they would be. Even after the countless years of buildup in my mind.

Of course, there's always more on the list. But I keep adding check marks.

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Wake me up when you by anonimouse (4.00 / 1) #3 Wed Jun 02, 2010 at 04:57:30 PM EST
put in the shark with a 'frickin laser

Girls come and go but a mortgage is for 25 years -- JtL
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