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By nightflameblue (Thu Jan 14, 2010 at 05:35:52 PM EST) (all tags)
My trip begins tomorrow.

Mrs. NFB will be feeding the entire lot for the first time since "the big change" this summer on her own for two days. She's good. She'll get it.

A bigger fear is our cricket supplies. No one in town had living small crickets today, so I had to get larger ones. I'm hoping as frisky as LLT has been that she'll feel up to some big kills.

Uncle is a bit stressedy-stress-stressed about everything and will probably need a good venting session. Gramps seems excited to see me as he called ma to tell her I'm coming to see him. Must remember to thank him for doing that before I leave.

Grandma's slipping ever further ever faster. She doesn't remember much of anything anymore. Can't even hold a sentence together the few times I've talked to her since the move. Others say she's not always that bad, but when she doesn't have a face in front of her to recognize who she's talking to, it all falls apart for her.

Mom has a bazillion things for me to take down to them for her. Because going to see them would just be way too much trouble. Mothers.

Work has been what we collectively refer to as "epic flailcakes" this week. We moved the web server for our customer ordering site. This site is also developed by another outside developer. Once we moved servers, our SQL server began having problems responding. We said at the beginning of the week, "your code is opening connections and never closing them. Since we're now on the other side of a firewall, the firewall is blocking anything above 250 connections. Since you open approximately fifteen connections per page, instead of opening a connection and doing all of your calls from that single connection, we're having a massive server die-out. Fix yer code. kthnxbye."

For three days we went back and forth with the developer. He insisted that something else must have changed because this code has always worked before. He simply couldn't wrap his head around the idea that the previous dedicated ethernet connection between boxes was now an outbound/firewalled connection. Finally, today, late this afternoon, he sent an email with a link to a Microsoft article on connection pooling and how, if you code the way he coded, YER DOIN' IT RONG and opening a connection for every query you pull.

As I said to the boss, "Not to put too fine a point on this, but isn't this exactly what we've been saying, just dolled up in Microsoftese? I'm glad he's finally agreeing with us, but working towards a solution probably would have been a better use of his time than trying to find proof that we were right."

The boss couldn't disagree.

The "developer" will work at "fixing" his code this weekend. In the meantime we can handle, oh, maybe two users at a time, so long as they only order one item on any given order, and log out and stay out for an hour or so before ordering another. GOOD PLAN!

The epic flailcakes comes into play with the boss, because he's convinced, despite the fact that we insisted on having an external "developer" make this site, and also insisted on making sure that external "developer" used a language I didn't know, I should somehow miraculously understand how to grab his clusterfuck code and fix it. Yes, good idea. Except, um, well, no.

So it's been an interesting few days trying to convince the boss that we can't just magic up a solution out of thin air just because we might have maybe looked at code in a completely dissimilar language in our past. No, sorry. We will not be held accountable for the "developer's" incapability.

Just remember folks, it's always, ALWAYS better to hire outside contractors to take care of anything the public will have access to. Because you can't trust the inside guys, you know, the guys who put in weekends, stay overnight, and will come in in the middle of the night when called upon, when customers are involved. You just can't.

All that to say, as messed up as the family situation is sometimes, it's gonna be nice to throw myself into the middle of that and forget this place for three days.


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