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By rainstorm69 (Fri Sep 25, 2009 at 10:45:10 AM EST) (all tags)
There may be a protest coming to some city in the world some place soon. But watch closely to see --do the protesters in the background really want to be there. Ask yourself are any of them being forced to be there in any way? What kind of protest would that be.

One of your fellow Hulverites tried to fight for the rights of the the most disadvantaged to have the same rights of privacy, religion, speech, and political philosophy. This person fought for themself and others to not have to engage in a planned protest againt the city itself.  

Last night this party was threatened. Offered a temporary comfort for an exchange of silence. And  it was demanded.

Of course there is something not seen. Of course with what they put into motion they mis-stepped beyond their wildest imagination. In an effort to shame your fellow Hulverite they made a memo exposing their hands!! Gotta love this shit.

And it will not be your fellow Hulverite playing the cards now. The role now moves to the wall flower in their midst. Now I step all the way back and just watch.  I am not saying anything - I am just babbling.. about stuff none of you will understand yet.  Cause shit if I was saying something real that would be scary if anyone would threaten anyone about anything to do with a protest or the freedom of speech - man that would so wrong...and we know things like that just don't happen in our back yards.

They should have known that sometimes one chooses to be the sacrafical lamb for another and never ever  ever  strike the sacraficial lamb!  The Lion of Liberalism may be dead but soon a new Lion shall rise......

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